Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things We've Done Today

I have no idea why, but Owen feels compelled to kiss and hug the Buddha.

Hanging from a roost in the chicken coop.

Feeding chickens. He's got good technique to get every last bit of scratch out of that can.

Owen's Mama and Daddy are coming back today and I think part of me is really sad. It's just been so damn sweet having him here. And it's so familiar in my bones and muscles and heart, the ways to tend a child. And honestly, this child is so good-natured. I am not saying he's never a scamp and that he doesn't grab things he shouldn't, that he doesn't run away from me when he's not happy about the direction we're going as to activities, that he's perfect in any way.
Except that he is.
He's perfect in every one of his Owen-Ways.

When he woke up at six this morning he cried and wailed for his mama. For about a minute. And then he threw himself across my body and I held him and patted him and he fell back asleep. I knew he was truly awake when he woke up and said, "Hey!" And then the day began and so it goes and it's odd to think that tomorrow morning he won't be here.
But good.
He'll be back with his mama and his daddy whom he loves the best.
But it's so nice to know that he's happy here, that Bop and I can take care of him.
That all the things they say about being a grandparent are true.


  1. I wish I was out there playing with y'all.

  2. Lucky grandparents, lucky much love swirling all around!

  3. I love that he kisses the Buddha; I have one on my desk and even though I rub his fat belly sometimes, maybe I will try kissing him too.

    Mostly, I love that you and he love each other so much. It is a delight to see.

  4. What a Boy he is these days! I compare these pictures to the one of you and baby Owen over on the right and think "My the time it is a flyin" Big Hugs, G'maw Dear.
    x0 N2

  5. All I can say is awesome. He is definitely going to miss you and his Bop when he goes back home. He is a lucky little man.

  6. I'm telling you, make them all move in!

    He is a lucky little man, you're all lucky to be so lovely :)

    I was glad it was a blurry can in the chicken scratch photo, not a chicken :) but of course I know Owen better than that!

  7. I bet he hugs and kisses the Buddha because it sort of looks like a baby. Sweet. Happy for your togetherness with Owen!

  8. This little boy has stolen my heart.

  9. Owen is kissing the Buddha because he IS the Buddha.
    He also just knows pure happiness when he sees it.

  10. Anytime you want to play grandma to Harley, you are welcome to him!

    All Children and grandchildren should be that lucky and loved and welcomed.


  11. I love that he kisses the Buddha. Too SMART.

  12. What a doll! I can't wait to be a grandma.

  13. I think that he also loves you a lot too.


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