Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hey! We Said Grace! (Don't Read This If The Word "Hoo-Hoo" Offends You.)

So we went to Lily and Jason and Owen's house this morning for a lovely Easter brunch and egg hunt and I have to say that it was practically perfect in every way. If May and Taylor and Kathleen and Vergil had made it, it would have been but May and Taylor had to work and Kathleen was indisposed and had Opera House duties to boot and Vergil's in Colorado. So...
But besides that, it was just lovely.
Lily made two gorgeous quiches, one spinach and feta and one with bacon and something else green. I forget. I couldn't get past the bacon. And she made ham! HAM I tell you! And there was fruit and a pineapple casserole. Yes! And a salad! And a carrot cake! And deviled eggs. Yummy, yummy deviled eggs. Oh, and smoked deer sausage! She did such a good job, that Lily. And she looked pretty too.

When we got there, Hank and Mark were already there with Granny. Mark always comes to our Easter gatherings and he calls me Mom. "Remember that year you talked Mom into making a ham?" he asked Hank. "That was awesome!"
How to charm me:
Call me "Mom" and recall specific things I have cooked for you. Works everydamn time.

Here's the group. Mark is taking the picture.

Cutest boy in the world with Monkey basket, hunting eggs.
He dug it. Every time he found another egg he'd say, "More!"

Eating the feast:

And to top it all off, on the way home we saw a rattlesnake!
In the road.
We turned around to check it out. Another car backed up and we met on either side of the poor thing which, it turns out, was dead. We all took pictures and remarked on it and briefly discussed rattlesnakes and then drove our separate ways.
Big doin's on Highway 158 on Easter.

And now....
Another CRAPTASTIC video from the very own personal camera of Ms. Moon! I swear, these things look great on the computer before I export and all that shit. I SWEAR!
But if you want to see what it sort-of looks like for eight adults to follow an almost-nineteen month old boy around as he hunts Easter Eggs for the first time, here you go. The dialogue is pretty simple. Mostly made up of "More!"

Since we got home we haven't done a damn thing but watch a movie with Ms. Mean Aunt Jessie Moon. Mr. Moon has some bad tooth pain and I gave him an old pain med left over from when Jessie got her knee surgery. He just sat back and watched the movie with a small smile on his face.
I don't why I'm so lazy. I didn't eat THAT much and I didn't even have a mimosa. I think it's because all my energy is leaking out my hoo-hoo.
I had to put that in there for Ms. Radish King. Plus, if the damn hospital is going to block my site, then let's give them a reason! Besides for the use of the word "cocksucker."

Well, there you go. My true Easter post. Pictures of family and a discussion of what we ate and a small little video of a boy hunting Easter eggs. And a rattlesnake. And mention of my hoo-hoo.

And the word "cocksucker."

Yep. Sounds like Easter to me.

Hope yours was as good as ours.

Pass the salt and peel the eggs. Life is good.

P.S. Vergil- this is for you. We miss you and love you. Hope we see you soon!


  1. A Southern man goes into a store to buy feminine hygine products for his wife. He has no clue what to get. A store clerk comes up and asks if she can help.
    Embarassed, he says he needs something for his wife, but doesn't know...
    "What's her flow like?" asks the clerk.
    "Linoleum," answers the man.
    Happy Easter, Moon Family!

  2. Nice. I hope that everyone there enjoyed the egg hunt and Easter doings. I am in Beaufort,SC. Quaint, sea coasty, and beautiful.

  3. That post was balm to my soul. Just like our talk on the phone we just had. You made me feel so good and happy, Mama. Thank you. Happy Easter.

  4. Sounds wonderful and delicious. My angel biscuit dough is in the fridge! I can't wait to roll them out and bake them.

    The video cracked me up --

  5. Lucy- Seriously- this probably has happened more than once.

    Syd- And honey, I hope you are having the BEST time.

    May- You ARE my heart. Guess what? I'm cooking lentils too. You inspired me. Again. I love you.

    Elizabeth- Let it rise a little before you put it in that oven. After you roll it out and cut the biscuits. Oh. I hope it is good.

    DTG- Wasn't it? Yes it was. Damn but I love my beebes.

  6. It all sounds perfect to me! I would loooove some ham...but settled for a frozen pizza.

  7. Aww, happy Easter, Sister Moon! Love all the love all up in that gathering. And the rattlesnake! Oh my!

    My favorite parts:
    1. Mr. Moon coming out of the man cave and going back in.
    2. That cool monkey Easter basket thingy.
    3. Learning that if I call you "Mom" that I (just) might get a hold of some angel biscuits one of these days.

    You rock, Ms. Moon. Oh, and as for the word "hoo hoo". . .I assure you I hear much, much worse at work! :)

  8. That was such a sweet post. And thanks for that picture of Jessie! I wish I'd been there to try your man-winning angel biscuits, but Jessie has assured me that she will be making them for me soon enough.

    Boy, am I lucky! :)

  9. Rachel- Hey Woman! Where have you BEEN? We've missed you!

    gradydoctor- Mr. Moon loves his man cave. But not as much he loves Owen.
    I got the monkey Easter basket thing at the Target. Of course. And...
    I like "hoo-hoo." It's so friendly. You should do a post on the many different names given to our genitals. I'm sure it would be hilarious and lovely and weird and telling.

    Vergil- Ooh! Great picture of you, sweetie! It would have been an even better day if you'd been here. And I hope that angel biscuits are a sweet part of your sweet life. Yes, I do!

  10. gradydoctor- I forgot to answer the part about the angel biscuits.
    Okay. Now you know the way to my heart. Proceed with caution because once you're my child, there is no turning back.

  11. Wonderful Easter for you Ms moon, who cares about the quality of the video, I enjoy peeping in on such family shebangs. And a dead rattlesnake! What ho. Thanks.

  12. Where ever you live looks a lot warmer than Seattle!

    I just wanted you to know that the chicken at the top of your blog is BEAUTIFUL.

    My honey and I are going to the Chickens 101 class at our local Tilth to learn how to house, feed and enjoy some girls. Can't wait.

    Happy spring.


  13. Elisabeth- It was so funny, us all following Owen around and yet- that was what we were there to do. Sweet little boy, playing along with us, swinging his monkey basket, saying, MORE!

    Beth- Chickens are the best ever. I love my chickens. You will love having them too, I am sure.

  14. First off, I'd like to say: HI VERGIL AND WELCOME TO THE FAM-DAMILY! I'm sort of a family member who hasn't met the family, but whatever. It's all details.

    Then, I'd like to say thanks for the snake picture, Mary. I got my scary thrill for the day. You know how I love to be grossed out by snakes.

    Thirdly, I'd just like to type COCKSUCKER!, because it's fun.

    I love y'all.


  15. I can just imagine all us commenters saying "hi Vergil!" all at once like they did on Cheers.

    That video was a riot.

    We lost one of our eggs -- all the adults speant about 30 minutes trying to find it. I imagine one of the dogs will take care of it for us... I hope.

  16. A simply beautiful day!

    I love Owen's monkey basket...and the fact you and Mr. Moon turned around to check out a dead rattlesnake...and the fact you gave SB such a scare. :)

  17. Dearest Mary, your Easter sounds perfect - eggs, snakes, hoo-hoo's and cocksuckers. Very funny.

    Mine was great too if a little more mental and alcoholic. Love you xx


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