Friday, June 1, 2012

Well, it's a fine morning here in Lloyd, Florida. We got more rain last night and when I woke up this morning, it was dripping off the trees onto the tin roof of my bathroom and the porch and I thought it was still raining but the sun was shining so brightly I knew it couldn't be.
Disconcerting and charming at the same time.
I will never, ever get over the way the sun beams its way through the trees here in the morning, especially after it has rained. It's magical. I wish the camera could do it justice. Well, it's probably not the camera's fault.

I've talked to Mr. Moon and they're staying onshore today until some weather passes. More storms in the offing. This is good for us in that we are getting rain but not so good for men who want to get out of sight of land and catch fish. I am grateful that my husband is cautious. Not crazy-cautious, but sanely so.
Did you know that he thanks me, that man does, for "letting" him go fishing? And then he says, "Well, not letting me. You know what I mean."
Yes. I am so lucky.

The rain is swelling the figs and if the birds don't eat them all, or the squirrels, we may have a crop this year.

I swear, one of my goals in life is to have enough figs of my own to make fig preserves and send a jar to Madame Radish King. That would make me SO happy. She loves figs the way angels love babies.

The garden has gotten way out of hand. I am not spending nearly enough time out there. I have a feeling that we have yard-long beans that are probably two yards long. Sigh. And the weeds? Well, we need to just take a lawn mower in there.
There's just always so much to do.
I did not finish the kitchen last night. I did finish my martini. Ha! Correlation? Could be. I threw a lot of stuff away, though, which is always good. I'll finish that up today.

And now I'm off to town to have lunch with my Hank and go to the store and drop off books at the library. I am listening to Cutting For Stone by Abraham Verghese and I am enjoying it. Mr. Verghese is actually DOCTOR Verghese and what the hell is it with doctors who are excellent writers? Stop it with the talents, okay guys? I mean, look at our own Grady Doctor. I'd hate her except that I love her too damn much. Why can't these people be satisfied with, oh, you know, saving lives and stuff like that?
I think it's all genetic. I've known many musicians who were also talented painters and artists. And then you have people like Madame King who is a poet, a musician, an artist, and who can put a plane together with her own two hands. I'd link her but her blog is closed and you have to ask permission to read it. It's like a secret society. She is the queen of it. As well she should be.

Anyway, I need to go wash the salt out of my hair. Salt which came from my own body through my own sweat. Here's a crazy fact: I am still using the same bottle of shampoo I took to Mexico back in December.
And I have pretty darn long hair.

I'm probably using the same razor blade too but that's a whole other story.

Here's some flowers with the sun shining on them. Mostly begonias. A few impatiens. The workhorse flowers of the shady yard.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I LOVE CUTTING FOR STONE!! Well, except the ending, which I think is hokey, but I forgive him because I so-so-so=so love that book!

    And I also love Grady Doctor!

  2. My figs are plentiful this year too, I bake them under fish with hot peppers, yum yum yuuummm! I'll give you some for a jam if you want.

  3. yes, happy Friday. We got some much needed rain yesterday too. it was a tree trimming storm.

  4. Happy Friday wonder woman. I need a fig tree. I need fresh figs. I am on a fig love fest and have never tried a fresh one.

    I listened to that book to and thoroughly enjoyed, it, when I wasn't cringing. The birthing scene is pretty tough.

    I just want you to know I love you.

  5. That light shining through your trees is nothing short of celestial. It's breathtaking.

  6. Oh the light of Lloyd being you of course. I hope Bethany gets to taste a fresh fig this summer. I had a student who had a fig tree that grew all over her house and she never brought me a single one though I used to serve my students figs broiled with goat cheese then drizzled with thyme honey.

    I am trying to pull a storm in here. I need one. This weird mugginess is not at all in my map for the day.

    I'm glad you see light the way you do. I think it's a gift to be able to be aware of light at any given time.

    ps. Thank you for all the nice things you wrote about me. I believe them all when you write them.

    psps. My WV is 7B Optibum. Hahahaha.

  7. I seem to have a blockage when it concerns that Verghese book. I mean to read it and then I don't. I don't have a copy but I know I need to read it. And then I don't.

    I love the light pouring through your trees and I love that you take a photo of it every so often and show us. I love it every time.

    Happy lunch with your son day.

  8. Wonderful book and then I read The Book Thief, also grand. When I had a fig tree, the birds and critters always got all the fruit, or it never ripened. But every year, I had hope.

    XX Beth

  9. NOLA- I am in the middle of it. I'm glad to hear you like it.

    Magnum- I may totally take you up on that one. Thanks, sugar.

    Ellen Abbott- I know exactly what you mean.

    Bethany- The birthing scene was pretty intense. As it was supposed to be, I suppose. Love you, baby.

    Angella- "Celestial" is the perfect word. Do you believe I get to wake up and see that so many mornings of my life? I should be now.

    Madame Radish King- Every word I say is true. You are a force of incredible talent. You are something else. If I had a fig tree and lived near you, you would not know what to DO with all the figs I brought you.

    Elizabeth- Well, I am listening to it. I think that makes a difference. I really do. It's sort of pre-digested.

    Beth- Yes. I feel as if I have a tree full of hope. And probably, not much else.

  10. I love how the sun goes through the trees too. I also tell my wife thank you for letting me do stuff. It's the wrong word and she will say"But I want you to do those things".

  11. Syd- Me too. I want him to do those things that make him happy. So much.

  12. Hey? How'd I miss this shout out? Ha ha ha. I am assuming that you weren't high when you used my blog and Verghese in the same sentence. That dude is the real deal.

    Hey. You are multitalented, too. But you know that. I know you do.

    I want to be in the secret Radish King society. I always want to be in on secret things. Is that normal?


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