Monday, June 25, 2012

Sit And Wait

Say what?

And then there's that.

They've already had bad winds and flooding down by the coast. They're evacuating Dog Island and St. George. A waterfront restaurant owner in Apalach was quoted in today's paper as saying, "The storms ripped panels off the walls, boats are up, the shop is closed and the power is going in and out. Other than that we're doing just fine."

Debby is a slow-moving, weather-forcaster's nightmare. She can't seem to make up her mind and is in no hurry to do so. But at this point, they're saying it's going to hit the coast on Thursday, somewhere in the Apalach region and that there might be winds up to 70 mph and a storm surge in Apalachee Bay of 6-7 feet.

Wonder if we still have a house on Dog Island? Wonder if we still have PROPERTY on Dog Island?

Well, what chu gon' do?

It's soggy here in Lloyd, I know that, but no winds to speak of. The trees are dropping the branches they don't need, water-logged and made heavy by all this rain. The dogs don't want to go out. The chickens don't even seem to want to get off the roost.

I know the feeling. I had a hard time getting up this morning but my dreams were so bad I did. I kept dreaming about being in a car with Owen and Gibson who were not in their car seats and even worse- no one was driving. Nah, I was way in the back seat. One got so bad I just thought to myself, "Hell, this is a dream and I'm going to wake up," and I did.

Nothing like an oncoming storm to make you realize how little control you have over your life and the lives of those you love.

I'm going to town today to watch those boys for a few hours. I think I better pick up a few things like bottled water and canned...whatever.

Oh boy. Life in Florida. I had a feeling this might be a bad summer for storms although they were saying it wasn't going to be. Hurricane prediction, even with all of our technology, is still more art than science, it seems to me. And on a personal level, for some reason, despite the fact that I've lived through many storms in my years in Florida, an oncoming one is a real and huge anxiety trigger for me.
Or maybe that's BECAUSE I've lived through so many storms in Florida.

This might be a good morning to do some yoga.

I hope you're all safe and that we all remain so.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. oh my....batton down the hatches.....lots of luck!!

  2. We had our hurricane Irene last year - boy that's the only one I've lived through and we were on the outskirts of her eye. I remember the green sky and going out on the back porch to watch the weather move in and it was pouring and a squirrel and I were taking shelter under the awning. For that moment, the squirrel forgot he normally wouldn't want to be that close to a human and we rode it out together. We were both praying for this house and our shelter.

    I hope Debby is a hiccup and that you and others and your chickens are safe.

  3. I often have dreams where I am in the back seat of my car and I am driving. I can't see properly and I am a nervous wreck. I have no idea what that means.
    Do some yoga, have a nap and stay dry. xo

  4. I heard Apalachicola on NPR news this morning on the way to werk! I was thrilled to hear it. Stay safe.

  5. Young at Heart- We will. Thanks.

    Rachel- Yep. Storms, the big ones, are like that. Crazy things happen in them. You don't forget them, either.

    Birdie- I think it means we feel like things are out of our control. If it's just me in the car, that's one thing, but when my grandsons were in the car? I HAD to wake up. Weird how I can control that, even while I am having a dream about having no control.

    Madame King- That's the only time you ever hear about Aplach on the news. When there's a storm. Yep. And I want to move there. Uh-huh. I heard an old guy say once that no matter where a storm originated, it was going to end up in Apalachicola. This is sort of true.
    We'll be okay. I promise. Here in Lloyd, we'll be fine.

  6. Stay safe and hunker down! I'll bet your house looks gorgeous lit only by candlelight.

  7. Ah, thank you for reminding me of the hellatious weather I am returning myself to.

    There are reasons I kept all my camping gear and such tucked in my friend's attic. It's in my truck. We're on our way back.

  8. mary, you second comment came through. just want to make sure you're not locked out. let me know.

    and batten down for that storm.

  9. While sitting in the AC and watching "Legends of the Fall", I realized how fortunate that we decided NOT to buy that Alligator Point house on the water.

    Whew! And yes, LotF is a bit girly but I do like that Montana homestead house. Plus, it's my week of living ridiculously.

  10. Oh gosh! Mother Nature can be so harsh. My daughter who's a sailor calls it Mother Nature hating on herself. I hope you and your loved ones stay safe and dry, and that Dog Island pulls through. I hope the power stays on so you can make more chicken and dumplings, and that the chickens don't get too bedraggled. I hope the storm gives Owen ideas, and that Gibson stays sweet, that you stay sane, and Mr. Moon stays tall, and that something brings you sweet dreams. xxoo

  11. I'm kind of hoping that Debbie continues north and brings some wet weather our way. We by no means get hurricanes here in Missouri, but your hurricanes sometimes brings us rain. Much needed rain :)

  12. We were hoping the weather would delay Connie's flight out this week, but no such luck.

  13. Having gone through Hugo, I would just as soon none come near. I know that feeling of anxiety--yes, I do. You take care.

    Your what chu gonna do--reminded me of the Snoop Dog song Gin and Juice. Oh yeah! Check those lyrics.


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