Saturday, June 2, 2012

I've got nothing this morning.
Okay. I've got three packets of seeds I could plant. Okra, Kentucky Wonders, more zinnias.
I hate planting okra because when it grows, it attracts ants, the reddest and fieriest of ants and also, it has a sort of weird toxin of its own so that when you pick it, your hands and arms end up ant-bit and breaking out but fresh okra has a goodness you can't imagine unless you've grown it.

Don't laugh. Okra is good.

I don't want to get in the garden. I don't want to take a walk. I don't want to go pick blackberries. I don't want to finish this never-ending cleaning thing. I don't want to write or read or clean out the chicken coop or watch a movie or TV of any kind and I don't want breakfast and I don't want lunch and I don't want dinner and I don't want to talk to anyone and I don't want to feel this way.

That's what I don't want the most.

God, it's so beautiful here this morning. Not too hot and the birds are singing so sweetly and the sun is shining gold through the green leaves and falling into illumination here and there and shade and light and peace. No one is mowing or building or blowing or chopping or yelling. No sirens are screaming and no train is coming.

I feel like I'm in heaven and god is saying, "So what do you think?" and I'm saying, "What else you got?"

I sure am grateful for all the rain we've been getting. I can say that with utter and complete certainty.


  1. OKRA IS AMAZING. I grow the (Clemson?) spineless and never had a problem with the itching (and I have topical allergies to almost every plant on the damn planet). I didn't know that about ants - i must have been lucky.

    Oh, but okra flowers? The prettiest ever. Okra fried in bacon grease? To die for. Added to any gumbo or stew? Amazing. Pickled? Out of this world fantastic. And grows so well the climate there, it always made me feel better about myself when the powdery mildew would kill all my squash and the tomato hornworms would wipe out all my tomatoes.

    Oh, okra. How I miss you.

  2. "What else you got?"
    That's funny!
    It's a beautiful day here also. For once. It's been so stinkin' hot lately that it's nice to have a couple of mellow lazy beautiful days so enjoy them while you can.

  3. Saturday is the new Sunday, apparently.


  4. I like okra. I wish we had planted some this year. Time for a cool change, Mary.

  5. Sometimes I would think, "just go visit her" and then I could go on with what I enjoyed in life. But there is the problem of the absent social worker. Funny about, "what else yo got,". Disjointed comment that I hope you'll get. Pretty pink flower too.


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