Friday, June 15, 2012

It Is Jason's Birthday

It's Jason's birthday today. Jason is my son-in-law and son-in-love and the father of my grandsons. He and Lily have been together for a long, long time and the miracle of their love and their marriage and their union and their sons is just one of the most amazing things in our lives.

A few months ago, Jason was asked to write a little piece about his father who had been a police officer and who was killed when Jason was very young and he did. Now, Jason is a quiet man and he doesn't talk a lot about what's in his heart but he doesn't have to. The way he is around his boys says it all. He is the most hands-on, loving daddy I can imagine. And I can only imagine that had he not died, Jason's father would have been as proud of him as a father can be.

So when I read what Jason had written I asked him if he would let me put it up here on the blog and he said I could. I was going to put it up on Father's Day but I think it is even more appropriate to put it here today, on Jason's own birthday for many reasons, one of them being that I am certain that the day Jason was born was one of the best and happiest days of his own father's life.

So. Here it is. In Jason's own words. It is about a very young boy losing his father, it is about that boy growing up and becoming a father himself. It is also, if you read between the lines, about a woman having to face the most horrible reality and going on to raise her two fine sons by herself and I'd like to thank Jason's mama for being that woman. Happy birth day to her.

We love you Jason. Happy birthday!


"On the morning of May 31st, 1992, I awoke to the sound of my mother crying in 
her room. I got up out of my bed and walked through the kitchen to see that my 
mom across the room being held by Satellite Beach police officers and my Uncle 
Wes trying to comfort what they could of my mother’s tears. I proceeded to see 
what had happened. My Uncle Wes picked me up and laid me on our living room 
couch and stayed until I fell back to sleep.

I awoke again, this time in my mother and father’s bed with my brother Chris by 
my side and a commotion of noise coming from our living room. A river of tears 
was falling down my brother’s face and I asked what is wrong. He told me, "Dad 
is dead". I knew not what to say. So I got up and walked into the living room, 
where I saw family, teachers, and police officers staring at the TV. As I turned 
to the TV there was my dad’s face and the news caster speaking of the story that 
transpired in the middle of the night.

My mother called me over to her and she just wanted to hold me. She rocked me 
and said she loved me. After awhile I went back into my mom anddad’s room walked 
into the closet and grabbed my father’s gun out of the gun cabinet. I walked out 
of the bedroom and held it out to one of my dad’s fellow police officer (Steve 
Fry) and told him, “My dad doesn't need this anymore.” 
That day forever changed our path as a family. We knew not what to do without a 
father in our lives.

I grew up without my dad; not knowing what dad’s are like, or what they do.  
But, yet, I have come to realize how my dad felt about my brother and me.  He 
loved us deeply. He loved us without measure.  He loved us unconditionally. How 
do I know this?  Because I love my sons deeply, without measure, 
unconditionally.  Through my sons, I have grown to know my father. 
I want to thank all of you who have kept my family in your thoughts and prayers 
these past twenty years.  Your compassion has helped us through many hard days.  
And I pray that the good people of Satellite Beach and its courageous members of 
the Police Department never, ever have to repeat such an awful event again."


  1. Happy Birthday to the most outstanding husband and father! I am so proud if the man he has become. Love him bunches!
    And thank you mom for recognizing him!

  2. This made me cry. Son in love. How beautiful.

  3. Dang, the tears are coming. Happy birthday to a beautiful man- Jason Hartmann! We love you.

  4. Dang, another writer in the Moon family stable!

  5. Beautiful. Please tell Jason happy birthday from me -- and how much I admire him and his lovely little family.

  6. Happy birthday, Jason. From such pain grows such compassion and wisdom.

    Jason, you have lucky babies and a lucky wife.

    XX Beth

  7. What a lovely man and a poignant tribute.

    You are a lucky woman to have so many fine men in your life - but you know this.

    Please convey my very best wishes to Jason and all his family on this Happy Birthday !

  8. This is beautiful. Happy birthday to Jason. It seems like Lily has a good man there and those boys have a good pa and you have a good SIL. It's all good.

  9. Beautiful. Happy Birthday to Jason. I love how he says he knows his father through his sons. We humans make such indelible marks on one another.

  10. Oh wow, thanks for sharing this. What an amazing man that Jason is.

  11. Jason sounds like a great fellow who has a lot of love. That is what really matters--all that love for family, passing it on to his children.


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