Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And Debby Crawls On By

Well the rain has thinned and we still don't have much wind and by some miracle we still have power.
But boy, is it soggy.

Lily and Jason do NOT have power. The city came out, surveyed the situation and said, "Nope. Gotta hire an electrician to put that meter back on the wall and then we'll turn your power back on."

Mr. Moon went and checked it out and of course he decided that no electrician was needed. That he and Jason could do the job themselves JUST FINE and besides, there's a bit of wood which needs replacing and some painting and, and, and.

Lily called to report this and to tell me that Mr. Moon is on his way back here to change his clothes and get his tools. She did not sound thrilled.
"They'll be out there all day!" she said.
"You know your daddy," I said.

We both sighed.

It is a blessing and a joy to be married to someone who can fix things. Build things. Not have to call someone to do things.
Sometimes one wonders what it would be like to just call a professional and have it done.
Not that there's probably an electrician in all of Leon County today who could come do the job.

So Lily and the boys are coming out here and we're going to party down all day.
This means I'll probably open the grape juice and the new bag of Chex Mix. We'll probably watch some Sid The Science Kid. We'll probably take naps if at all possible. We'll no doubt feed the chickens and maybe, JUST MAYBE, I can talk Owen into going outside with me and picking up some sticks and branches.

In the meantime, I'm running a load of clothes because I know that after this job of electricity-restoring is done there will be more. One pair of Mr. Moon's overalls is practically a full load, even in the High Capacity models. Plus, Lily needs to wash diapers here.

I dreamed about the Rolling Stones. There was a secret tiny town in Georgia where they all had homes and they got together to play at a local hotel bar. This was NOT the New Perry Hotel Bar but yes, I see a possible connection. I didn't get to see them play but I got to see them leave the bar. They were all dressed TO THE NINES!, holding their instruments, and even in my dream, I was so overwhelmed that I could barely look at them. I just nodded to old Keith and he maybe nodded back.
I believe this indicates that at heart, I am still a teenager.
Or it may have something to do with the Revival Center next door which doesn't meet on Sundays so far, but on Wednesday nights and Saturday nights and I can hear the bass parts of the music coming through and I sort of REALLY want to go over and listen but then there would be the GOD thing and oh, I'm just shy and also...the GOD thing.
I really am shy, though.

Well, Mr. Moon has returned and put on his overalls and I've made him more coffee and he's determined and on a mission.

Isn't it ridiculous how interesting I think my life is, even knowing that it's so totally not?


  1. My father is a fix-it sort of person, although not nearly as accomplished, I'm sure, as Mr. Moon, and I so know that sigh that you and Lily let out this morning!

    As for the rest of your life, I find it incredibly interesting -- always! And entertaining, particularly when you interface with those rolling stones.

  2. On Friday, Hank and Connie and I drove through Lloyd on the way back to Tallahassee and I could see that the door of the Holy Ghost Revival Center was cracked while they were having a service. If it hadn't been pouring rain, I would have made them stop so I could sit out on the steps for a few minutes to listen to the music.

  3. I find your life extremely interesting! And I think you're lucky that Mr. Moon can fix just about anything ~ it gets very expensive calling all those repair guys.

    Debby's a crazy storm ~ looks like she's turned around and headed towards us. We've already gotten tons of rain and now they're predicting much more, plus tornados ~ yikes! But I do believe it beats a drought:)

  4. I think your life is very interesting, I really do.
    I'm sure they wouldn't mind next door if you just said you were there to listen to the music, maybe dance . . . Maybe see if they do manage to revive The Holy Ghost, please take your camera. You just never know.

  5. are you kidding? your life is fascinating! the sensibility at the center of it makes it only more so.

  6. My father was NOT a fix-it person and I'm personally in awe of those who wade in a get it done. Deb's like that. She thinks it through and gets some tools, makes at least one trip to the hardware store and ta-da, a new fence for the buk-buks.

    I'm clever but not that clever.I can heat the water and bring the babies out. It's useful sometimes.


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