Friday, June 15, 2012

More Stories From Lloyd

Well, Mr. Moon is on his way home from Alabama with our friend, Tom, but Ross, the guy whose family's property they were visiting is NOT on his way back because HE'S IN THE HOSPITAL after having fallen down some steps this morning as they were doing a last-minute check of the cabin to make sure they had everything and broke two bones in his left arm. He's awaiting surgery and his poor wife is going to have to go up there and collect him. 

After Mr. Moon told me that, he also informed me that he'd killed a five foot rattler behind the cabin yesterday afternoon. Here's the picture of the skin he sent to Lily. He did not send it to me. I wonder why.

Boy oh boy. The Trip of Doom, as our beloved Ms. Bastard said when I told her about these events this morning via the e-mail.

I told Mr. Moon on the phone that he is NOT going back up there and I don't care how big the damn bucks are on that property. No way, no how.

Of course he just laughed at me.

Well, let me just say again that I'll be vastly relieved when my husband gets home tonight. 

In other news, I checked out the new sign at the church next door when I went to go pick some blackberries near the house. Turns out it's not a church. It's a...well, here's the picture.

It's a Revival Center.

Ooh boy. 

Not sure what I think about that. I wonder how many times a week they plan on reviving. 
But maybe they can explain to me exactly what the Holy Ghost is because no one I've ever asked and nothing I've ever read has been able to explain that one to me with any real confidence. As I've said before, I think it probably used to be The Father, The Son, and The Mother but then those woman-hating religioners got together and kicked out The Mother and replaced her with The Holy Ghost.
That is just my opinion and has no basis whatsoever in actual theological history as far as I know.

I'm having a hard time with religion and the religious today. Harder than usual. If you can believe that. 

All right. 
I'm going to go take a little nap so I can be ready for Owen's Big Night with Mer and Bop. Who knows how late he'll want to stay up? 

Oh! I forgot to tell you about the dream I had about Keith Richards last night in which I discovered how very, very cool it is to be a rock star's girlfriend.

Heh-heh. I know. Grandmothers aren't supposed to have rock-star girlfriend dreams. 

Oh well. Sometimes we get revived. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh, good god almighty. I am sitting here at my computer laughing and laughing. Aloud, like an insane person. I might need to be revived.

  2. I would have needed a whole town full of revival centers if I had seen that snake. Shudder.

  3. God, that is one big rattler. How creepy. Maybe your next door church people would like to have it.

    I always kind of liked the Holy Ghost because it made more sense to me than God or Jesus. No one can really explain the HG. It's like the mystical side of Christianity. Who knows what your neighbors think it is though unless they're speaking in tongues and charming rattlers.

  4. MM, it's misspelled. It's supposed to be Holy Goat. Hope this clears things up for you.
    love from the velvet ghetto,

  5. Glad you had an awesome dream, hope Mr. Moon is home safe and sound, and I would have needed a revival if I would have crossed paths with that snake. Holy cannoli. Definitely would have dropped some fruit in my looms. Hope you have a great night with the little man. Take care.

  6. Lordy, when Mr. Moon gets home, try to keep him there. That trip scared me, and that snake is horrifying. At least no one got snake bit.

    Revivals are just too much for me. I went to some as an impressionable teen and all I could think was the emperor has no clothes here, cuz these people are making this up. They sure were happy though and wanted desperately to save my soul too, but my will is too strong and my eyes too open. Hope they don't keep you up at night.

    Awesome dream, I'm jealous, but happy not to be dreaming, just sleeping for a bit.

    Take care.

  7. I haven't exactly led a sheltered life, but I think I'm unclear on what a Revival Center me, Mrs. Moon.

  8. Ha! Everybody's gettin' revived in Lloyd these days!

    And I can't believe how big that rattle snake was/is! Wow. Scary.

  9. I thought the Holy Ghost was Zombie Jesus. After he re-animated. Shit, now I don't know.

  10. mr. moon may want to sell some of the live snakes he catches to that revival center. jusss' sayin'


  11. The Holy Ghost is the Holy Spirit... the gift that was given upon the Resurrection of Jesus. Often represented with a dove. It is the part of God that lives within a person.

  12. Elizabeth- I don't know why, but making people laugh is my favorite thing to do. So thanks.

    Juicie- God. Me too.

    Rubye Jack- I'm thinking that these people don't handle snakes. That's mostly a white-people thing.

    Madame King- Heh-heh. I love how your mind works.

    Mr. Shife- Mr. Moon is like Daniel Boone. Or one of those guys. He can handle a snake. Not in the religious sense but in the I-have-a-gun-and-I-can-shoot-it-sense.

    Mel- God. Sleep is sacred. You were too smart for that revival bullshit. That's all there is to it.

    Denise- I'll let you know as things unfold.

    Nicol- Well, even in Sleepy Lloyd, things happen.

    Stephanie- Maybe. Sounds as sensible as anything else I've heard.

    Mrs. A- Like I said, these are not white people so I don't think they handle snakes.

    Dayna- If you say so.

  13. Holy effing gawd, that's a beeeg snake.

    I think they revive the holy ghost there. Although I never got a straight answer when I asked about the HG as a child (weird vagueness, waving of hands), I think its the Everything (hahahahahaha) and therefore WE'RE ALL HOLY because we're in the Everything. How's that on one or two wee glasses of wine?

    I love you and all your family.

    XX Beth

  14. I have seen a big cane break that was as big around as my upper arm. Powerful snakes and so neat. Glad that no one was bitten.


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