Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Could We All Just Simmer Down, Now?

So I ended up making a VAT of curried vegetables, right? and I ate a bowl of them and oh boy.
My stomach did not like them at all and so now what do I do with the remaining vat o' veggies? Mr. Moon doesn't even like curried vegetables or curried anything for that matter. It's one of his few food rather-nots.

Sigh. I should have just had some more Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

But no. I had to be healthy.

I made those things too spicy. I know I did. That's what I do. At this point, I'm even afraid to give them to the chickens. They might lay deviled eggs.


Yeah. I'm fucking hysterical.

So the other night, Mr. Moon and I were watching some stupid-ass show called Marijuana Wars and I just want to say that it's time for this bullshit to be over. There were like fifteen camouflaged commandos with front packs and back packs and helmets and boots and ginormous weapons tromping up a mountainside in Northern California in the dark, getting lost and finally, they get to the "marijuana garden" and there are supposedly two Mexican guys there whom the commandos had hoped to catch while they were sleeping after working a hard day in the marijuana garden but it took them so long to climb the mountain with all that camo and gear and weaponry that it was broad daylight by the time they got there so the Mexicans were already up and out of camp and when we turned the channel they still hadn't caught those guys even with the help of the helicopter droning overhead that they were in touch with via electronic devices and Jesus! Give me a break.

I will say that marijuana has changed a lot in the last thirty years. Those buds were as big as King Kong's dick! Wooey!

But here was all this man-power and fire-power trying to arrest these guys whom they admitted were "small fish" to try and get to the "big fish" and it's all about marijuana which grows out of the ground and which no one in the history of the universe has ever managed to OD on as far as I know, unlike vodka and Johnny Walker Black, and I'm sorry, I love Obama but he needs to man the fuck UP and quit pushing against the legalization because he knows better and I am sure of that.
So what the fuck, Obama?

What the fuck, everyone? 

All right. I just wanted to say that. That's my two cents in the ongoing marijuana wars which really, I'd just as soon my tax dollars weren't being used to fight.

Pick your battles, people. If we legalized weed, none of this bullshit would be necessary and quite frankly, I doubt there would be any huge rise in the use of it and people wouldn't be getting killed because they were gardening marijuana.

Of course, since it's so easy to grow, any fool could do it and any fool WOULD do it and so the gov'ment can't figure out how to tax that shit and I think that's probably the problem.

Well, I'm going to call my MOTHER and see if Lily and the boys and I can go see her. Her assisted living place actually has a playground and Owen would love to hang out there. Her assisted living place has EVERYTHING and I may be the world's worst daughter but by god, she's in the world's best assisted living place and that has to count for something, doesn't it?

I don't know. I don't know much.

But I am pretty sure that common sense is a rare commodity these days and is in grave danger of disappearing altogether.

I wish those curried vegetables would disappear altogether but that is not going to happen.

We're supposed to get rain today. That sure would be nice.

Yours truly.

Ms. Moon


  1. So, did you sleep at least??? Haha.

    I do that shit all the time, cook a VAT of something then either nobody but me likes it and I can't eat it all myself, or I do something stupid to it and even I don't want it. So glad I'm not the only one!!

    My uncle and cousin always grew pot in their back yard. I remember being out there playing with the dogs (two giant dobermans, go figure) and I'd get into somewhere I wasn't supposed to be and get my ass chewed out because evidently I was trampling a new crop or something. Hahahaha. Sheesh.

  2. New York is set to decriminalize small amounts.

  3. Toss the veggies into the woods and don't feel guilty about it. Maybe they'll attract a fox who was looking at your hens and eating them will make him decide to leave town.

  4. Well, California has legalized marijuana (at least for medicinal use), but it's still a big, fat joke because all the lowlifes hang out at the dispensaries -- which are EVERYWHERE -- and I don't know what the answer is. I do know that the "war on drugs" is a big, fat joke, though. Good to know that our almighty tax dollars are going to sustain bullshit like you've described in that television show, right? I mean it's more important to get the little guy than to pay $300 a month to a care provider for an elderly or disabled person, right?

  5. I hope you slept well, I sure did. Sorry about the veggies. I don't much like the taste of curry and it is really easy for that flavor to get too strong. I was going to suggest washing them and re-using them in a sauté but that taste lingers. So I agree with the above - form it into the shape of a chicken and leave it as a lure for the hawks. And I agree on the waste of money and focus on marijuana - when will this nonsence stop?? I am glad Lily and the boys will be going with you to see your mom, having company (and such lovely company) makes those visits so much more bearable. You didn't say what the social worker called about so I imagine all is ok there. I hope your day goes well.

  6. I don't think it's about taxing it so much as that prisons are big business in this country. they'd have to let the offenders go and that would decimate the prison population. the what would all those guards and wardens do?

  7. I'm often a food martyr, eating whatever leftovers there may be, including the over-salted, etc. Over-spicy hasn't happened yet, but I know that for some, it's too much. I agree with someone above who said to just pitch 'em. Start over and make mac n cheezey.

    With marijuana butter.

  8. I wish Christopher Guest would make a mockumentary on the "drug war." (Why does everything have to be called a "war" anyway?) Or I wish you would make something like that. You have the wherewithal and gumption to write just about anything you put your mind to, even with hot flashes rolling in and rolling out. Hope your tummy is better. One more wish: That Alice could live in that assisted living facility where your mom is. Lucky duck.

  9. Angry Squaw- Ha! A fond childhood memory, I am sure!

    DTG- Baby steps, I guess.

    Lucy- You might be right.

    Elizabeth- EXACTLY! Dang. And even if more people DID smoke pot- so the hell what? It's certainly not just lowlifes who smoke it. I know that for a fact.

    Anonymous Jo- The woman has never called me back so...

    Ellen Abbott- God. Think of the money we'd save in prisons! Think about it!

    Magnum- It tasted great! but my stomach was not so happy. Marijuana butter? If you say so.

    Andrea- This place is freaking heaven. All old people who need assisted living should be so lucky. I swear.

  10. California could balance its budget by completely legalizing and taxing commercial growers---it's the biggest cash crop in the state. Gov
    Moonbeam doesn't seem to be inclined to do anything wild and interesting, alas. Midwestern farmers have tried to legalize growing hemp, just for hemp, for over a decade. It's ridiculous.

    A delicious cooling raita--lots of yoghurt and your cucumbers and maybe some mint would mellow your hot curry.

  11. I'm with you on the pot. Anyone who has been around an angry drunk would much prefer a stoner's company, I assure the world.

    I love curry anything but it really does kind of tear me up anymore. This is probably also because I am the only one who eats it and I can't cook anything without an army in mind, so there you have it.

    What color/scent of Fabuloso is your favorite? I waffle between blue (with Oxy something) and the lavender.

  12. why can't we have a war for common sense to make everyone quit acting like they have their heads in their asses about this....


  13. So many reasons I want to move to Scandinavia. There's a reason those people are some of the happiest on earth- sensible laws being one really big one.

    How fast do you think those asshats can run with all their anti-weed gear? ASSHATS.

    You know, I bet people would buy it. I mean, you don't see many people growing their own tobacco and that shit's EXPENSIVE.

  14. A- Agreed. For sure. And I DID put some lovely Greek yogurt on my vegetables last night and it tasted so good but...
    Oh well. I can't bring myself to throw them out yet.

    Dayna- Yep. I cook for an army too. Even though there is no army in sight here. I don't know which Fabuloso is my favorite but I, too, love the blue and the lavender both.

    Mrs. A- It's a WAR, girl! A WAR! With a drug czar!

    See Kate Run- I think pot may be a lot easier to grow than tobacco. And yeah, those asshats could barely WALK in that gear and those guys who were probably wearing sandals sure could.

  15. Ok I am back. I am an Oregon to Alabama transplant.Oh my the changes.anyhoo try soaking your veggies in a little bit of cold water and vineger. cant spell then taste and maybe use in a stew/soup.I dislike wasting food as do you I think. No wars just well you know :)

  16. The prisons and jails are filled with druggie convicts. My cousin tried to decriminalize marijuana in Virginia but got voted down in the legislature. It was funny because some of his fellows were shooting him peace signs, etc. He is about 80 and no doubt never smoked a joint in his life. He just thinks that decriminalizing it would save money and not tie up the court system.


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