Friday, June 22, 2012


My pretty husband with his pretty snake skin in front of the pretty roses he brought home for me two days ago.


  1. OMG that is one fearsome snake. And Mr Moon looks so proud. And so not scared of snakes.

    I like snakes, except for the ones that can kill ya.

  2. Beth- The reason he killed it was that a little girl had just been out there where the snake was. A tiny two-year old girl and he couldn't bear the thought of that snake biting that little girl.
    And then, you know- he's a man. So he needs a trophy. It's a fearsome trophy. It really is. With many rattles.

  3. Pretty! We have King snakes here.
    They kill rattlesnakes. And they are pretty. Well, handsome.

    wv: sibiki

    Must be something people play on their phones. Or eat.

  4. A- that snake came from Alabama. I don't know if they have king snakes there.

    Mrs. A- Rattler.

  5. I miss, miss, miss you, Ms., Ms., Moon. Love, love.

  6. The roses are awesome and so is the dead snake because he is dead. Not really helping my fears of snake seeing how long that snake skin is again. Have a good weekend, Ms. Moon.

  7. Damn, that's some big snake. Mr Moon is so handsome and sweet, are there really other men like him in the world that haven't been snatched up? I mean, I know they might not be as handsome and tall and able to make chicken coops and fix cars and bring home deer meat and kill fearsome snakes, but I will take just his sweetness and big heart and the love notes he writes you and what the heck, I'd like the roses too.
    Is that too much to ask?

  8. I love that Mr. Moon brought you roses.

  9. I'm like, "ha! That snake isn't that big!" And then I remember that Mr. Moon is 400 feet tall.

  10. Heh, that's a big snake, alright! And the roses are beautiful.

  11. Every time I look at that photo I shriek in laughter like a 12 year old boy. I'm sorry for being a 12 year old boy.


  12. Angie C- Miss you too. Are you okay?

    Mr. Shife- Well, it's an odd picture.

    Bethany- I don't think there's anyone like Mr. Moon, snatched up or not. Haha! "Snatched up."

    Anonymous Jo- He's a darling boy.

    Daddy B- To be truthful, he said that it has stretched some in the process of skin preservation.
    You should see the rattles, though. There's a bunch of them. I think I have convinced him NOT to make a hatband with the skin AND the rattles. Oh please god. I hope so.

    Nicol- It is a pretty thing, in its way.

    Madame King- You go ahead and be titillated, you 12-year old boy, you.

  13. No, he should totally make a hatband and a matching belt!

  14. DTG- NO!!!! I will not have it!

  15. A big snake. They grow big in FL.


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