Friday, June 8, 2012

I am slowly recovering from the horror of Christoga but it's going to take awhile to fully get over that one. If you google Janine Turner you can see that she's really gone through some strange changes. She's a conservative talk-radio host, has dyed her hair platinum, and has an album of easy-listening Christian music out that she did with her daughter.
It's just too much to bear.

Northern Exposure, for a lot of us, was more than a television show. It somehow became a very, very real place. In fact, two years ago, I used a clip from one of the shows to illustrate what I wanted to do with my blog.

You can go see that here if you would like to try and help erase the image of Janine Turner's newly defined lips from your mind.

And I need to drive Mr. Moon to town to pick up a vehicle and then we're going to pack for our little trip to Perry, Georgia.

I hope they have wireless at the New Perry Hotel. I told Owen we were going away for a few days, his Boppy and I. "Stay in a hotel-house?" he asked.
"Yes," I told him. "We are."
"Me go too!" he said.

Maybe next time, little man. Maybe next time.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Gosh YES, Ed's movie... How I miss that series. Too bad good series get cut way too soon. I might have my own little Northern Exposure Marathon right now, through You tube. Thanks for the memories Ms Moon.
    I want to go and live in Cicely Alaska.

  2. Just watched the cow fling... with tears in my eyes.

    So happy Ms Moon that you reminded me of the series.

  3. I, for one, will probably never recover from it. I was so transfixed and horrified and compelled, that I actually clicked on one of the other videos, one about satan and yoga. I am speechless.

  4. Photocat- It's a world that we were lucky to be able to live in once a week. And now, through youtube and netflix, forever.

    Yo- It's...well, really. There are no words.

  5. Holy shit, again.

    Still reeling from that one.

  6. I just don't get that kind of devotion and/or religious neediness. To live your life constantly proclaiming the glory of god? How about just living your life? But maybe that's the problem. They have no life, no joy in just living so they have to create this impossible 'glory' and immerse themselves in it. Otherwise they just might see how empty they are otherwise.

  7. We are put on this earth to praise it. Robert Hass, Basho, Galway Kinnell, Whitman, Jesus. All of them saying the same thing, in different ways.

    Oh, Northern Exposure. Harvey and I loved you. We had cable when we couldn't afford it as starving grad students just to see the moose stroll down the street.

    I can totally see you as a Holling fan. (Still like Ed the best--always go for the pretty ones first, except in the Beatles, where I would have married Ringo. Still would, probably, because you can tell he likes himself the way he is).

  8. I don't know what to say about the people who are born again. I hope that they are happy. Just don't try to convert me.


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