Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Morning In Lloyd

Well. That week is done. I know, it's only Saturday, but you know what I mean.
Mr. Moon and I went out last night. Yes, we did. It was awesome. We went to Kool Beanz and it was hot in there and there were about, oh, forty-thousand people waiting for a table but somehow, some way, we got seats at the counter right in front of where the cooks do their magic at the altar of fire which is where we like to sit.

It has finally happened. We go out so seldom that we recognized only two people on staff there. Two. We used to know everyone. 
But that lady, one of the two people we recognized, she took such good care of us. She even bought Mr. Moon's piece of coconut cake for him and I should have taken a picture of that. It was huge and had meringue spikes all around it like a pastry monster, Tricakeustop, perhaps.

The whole meal was swoon worthy. Our appetizer was a fig thing on arugula with some sort of blue cheese cream in the center of the figs.

I thought maybe I'd die but I lived.

I also thought I'd take a picture of me and Mr. Moon together, but I did not. I don't know why. I'm lame.

I was so relieved to have gotten through my NP appointment and when I got home from that I wrapped up Mr. Moon's presents and wrote in his card and put on my new dress and then he got home, happy as he could be because he loved that hunting camp and joined up. So he knows where he's going to hunt next fall which is a huge relief. So we were happy, happy, and he opened his presents and made us a martini and he put on his new linen shorts I'd bought him and I put on a bunch of silver and off we went and had our dinner. 

The appointment was easy-peasy. But I was still nervous as hell. I sat in the waiting room next to a woman who was on the phone with someone and she kept talking about her chemo and radiation and I was like, oh boy, wonder what my blood pressure is now? and it was a bit high. The nurse took it with a new fancyshchmancy blood pressure cuff that goes on the wrist and then you hold your wrist in front of your heart- I am not kidding you- and I'd never heard of such a thing. 
Oh. And that was after I got on the scale which I have avoided doing for approximately six months and it was as bad as I thought so that didn't help with the BP either.

BUT, no one fussed at me and my NP gave me a lab slip to get my blood levels checked for hormones and we agreed that I'd come back in late fall and she'd do an entire exam and I'd have my blood work done then. I told her that I'm really determined to work on my diet and exercise and cholesterol again and she thought that was a good idea but without being judgmental about it. She is of the opinion that the standard lipid panels they do are just this side of worthless and she recommends some far more sophisticated blood test and analysis so we'll see about that. I don't have to think about it for now. All I have to do is to start trying to eat better and exercise more, and yes, I already do eat pretty well and exercise fairly regularly but it's obviously not good enough. 

God. This is so boring. I'm sorry. 

Anyway, you can see why I was highly relieved to get the hell out of there and get home and celebrate the birthday with yes, creamy blue cheese goodness. Way to begin!!!!

I swear, three years ago (three years!! Jesus!) I was eating so well and exercising so regularly and was just happy as a clam with it all and then I got the anxiety so bad I thought I'd die or actually, just wanted to die, and I could hardly eat anything but then when I started getting better, food became a joy again, and well...cheese entered the picture and so did other things which I had foresworn in my previous quest to lower my own cholesterol. And of course, the foods you eat which are good for that are also the foods that don't make you fat and I thought I'd discovered the keys to the kingdom of perpetual non-fatness until I came down with the insanity and it all went to hell. 

Boy oh boy. Life is complex. Not unlike the analysis of a lipid panel, I guess.

The other person we saw last night at the restaurant whom we know was the dishwasher and I have spoken about him many times before. He has the most beautiful smile in the world and when we hugged last night, it was the Hug of Hugs. It was the Holy Grail of Hugs. It was the You Have Been Hugged By The Best of Huggers Hug. 

So that was all of that and today is Saturday and I'm going to meet Lily in town at the grocery store and we're going to shop for tonight's cook-out. I hear that Owen used the potty a lot yesterday and I sure am proud of him. Just out of the blue he wanted to shed the diaper and so he did. Not saying that he's entirely potty trained but it's a very fine step in a very good direction. 
Everything in its own time, right?

Sorry for the mess of this post. The non-linear way of it.  

It's nine oh seven a.m. and I am already sweating like a blacksmith and it's Saturday and I'm going to make cole slaw today and a German Chocolate Cake and I'm going to get to see my babies, all but Jessie, and my grand babies, and we're going to continue the Mr. Moon birthday celebration and that's life here in Lloyd. 

It was a tough week for me but now it's on to the next thing, whatever that is, and here we are and there you are and I'm so very, very glad you stopped by.

Happy Saturday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh, I give you credit for growing your own food and eating what you grow...that must count for something. One day, I will start a garden. Glad the appt is over.

    I LOVE German chocolate cake! Happy birthday, Mr. Moon, and have a piece for me, too.

    And good for do go when they're ready, as I had to remind myself many many times a few years back. He'll get there.

  2. My husband was born with high cholesterol. The medications do not lower it enough. You know what does? Metamucil (and its generics). One dose a day. Cheap (compared with meds and the side effects are good too). And easy.

  3. Not boring at all, at least not to me. I'm so glad you had a lovely night and sorry you didn't take more pictures. I wanted to see your new black dress.

    Happy Birthday to Mr. Moon, so glad he had a nice date with his wife and found a hunting camp too.

    Good luck with that diet and exercise program. I'm trying not to hyperventilate when I step on the scale. One more month and I can exercise again, but will I? That's the question.

    Hope this new week is a good one.






  5. I'm chasing my cholesterol numbers around too. Does that count as exercise? xo

  6. I was not bored at all. I especially was interested in the NP appointment as I have a doctors appt coming up soon and I also have fallen off the exercise/best diet and so dread the weighing and the cholesterol checks but I think I've been doing better and will do even better so I'm not going to postpone but just go on and get it done.

  7. Blue Gal- It would be best if I ate no cake. We shall see how that plan goes.

    Jeannie- Mmmmm...Very interesting. I'll give it a try. Who doesn't need more fiber?

    Mel- It is appalling how easy it is to get out of a good habit and into a bad one. An injury can do it. Physical or mental. Sigh.

    Madame King- I chose that appetizer for YOU! Sorry that I had to eat it. Not really. It was delicious.

    Ms. Fleur- And to you. I need to call you, check on how you're doing.

    Lisa- Surely!

    Kristin- Facing reality can be a powerful motivator.

  8. As usual I am glad that I stopped by and I am glad that you write here every day. Such good news throughout this post - a wonderful dinner with Mr. Moon, a survived dr. appt, Owen and the potty, a good hug, cream cheese, and oh, you are a rich woman. Have a lovely Saturday!!

  9. You are never boring, Ms. Moon and I love the look of that salad! I'm dreading my own "check-up" that is imminent, mostly due to the scale thing, but maybe I'll jump on the bandwagon and start doing better.

    Have a wonderful celebration with Mr. Moon and that German chocolate cake!

  10. You ma'am are Never Boring!! I love the way you go on tangents, reminds me of my mind. I really like the Huggy part of your post made me feel hugged too. I am but a mere follower from your northern state of Alabama. Happy belated to your man. PS You Can Do It!!!

  11. So glad that you had a good time. And that your doctor's appointment wasn't so bad.


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