Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Went Out On A Tuesday Night

My Lord but it's been a day. I've been up to Thomasville with Kathleen for a good-bye party with Dr. McReallyCutiePie and that involved chocolate cake and champagne and I even cried a little. I mean, the man saved her life. And now he's moving on to Emory. But it's okay. He gave Kathleen his e-mail address and his nurses and Kathleen and I hid out in the examining room and they drank champagne and he said, "Oh god, they're going to fire me," and I said, "You're leaving in two weeks! They're not going to fire you!" and he had like two tiny sips of champagne anyway.

There was a lot more but I'm just in from going out with Mr. Moon and Lily. We went to play Trivia at a bar where Hank does the Trivia thing every week and it was so fun. Hank's other dad came- my ex-husband, and I always love seeing him. I am so grateful that there is not one bit of hatred between us. Just remember whens and good deep laughs.
Our team came in third and I wish we'd won but it didn't matter one bit. There were about a dozen teams so we weren't too ashamed. When Hank announced the winners Jerry, my ex-, held high the ten-dollar bar tab we won high above his head and chanted, "We're number three! We're number three!" and we all laughed.

Billy and Shayla were there and Anna and Taylor and Billy's mama, Denise, and it was just a good time.

And now I need to get the house to bed and go to bed myself because we're having people over at 8:30 in the morning for pancakes and eggs and sausage. Long story there, but it's a good one. Good people. I have fresh blueberries and peaches to go in the pancakes.

And then Mr. Moon is taking off for Alabama for three days- another story- and on Friday night, Owen is going to come and stay the entire night.

Yes. A good day. And before we went to Trivia, Mr. Moon and I went over to Lily and Jason's because Lily made supper for us and these pictures are from there.

Owen hates having his picture taken now so he makes faces but I told him that if he let me take his picture with his daddy and his brother I'd go play in his room with him. And he did and I did and it's been a good day, even if the dragons were breathing fire down upon me.

And I stroked the soft feathers of my chickens when I went out to shut them up for the night. The seven hens and Elvis in the hen house and the seven teen-babies on the perch in the coop.

See you tomorrow.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Yes, I see the stage that Owen is in, part of growing up. But still a cutie pie even with a fake smile.

    And Gibson - he sends me over the moon that little one. Sigh.

    You sound like you had a great time - that's so nice to hear.xx

  2. Board games meet bar sounds like fun to me.
    And oh my, those boys are CUTE!

  3. That was a fun night, wasn't it? I am going to see if I can talk Hank into taking me out to Lloyd one of these weekends. I bet I probably can.

  4. Wonderful post, Ms Moon, as ever. Speaking of chickens you might find this article on sacred chickens amusing, if not too academic: http://tinyurl.com/7s2ar4w

  5. I love the night life, baby! The husband and I were supposed to go out for hijinks and romance (beer) but he got caught up doing bank things and we ended up grilling burgers for the kids in a torrential downpour and then just staying here because the kids were being gems and the burgers were more plentiful than anyone was willing to eat (beside the dog, who howled as we all danced around to the Doors wanting to love until the heavens start to rain) and oh boy, fuck it... why leave when you can just stay and read The Wind in the Willows and watch the basketball finals and hoot and holler among your people. Plus we got a 12 pack of fine Canadian beer and we're just fine here in the Shenandoah Valley, loving and squeezing and seeing deer out the kitchen window over burgers and beer. With cats to stroke instead of chickens. Life can be so blissy and unreal some days. I enjoy you so much sometimes, Ms. Moon... you really do encourage me to carpe diem.

  6. Those boys are yummy, so yummy. The big one and the leetle ones.

    XXX B

  7. Hah! Gibson's smile. And Hah! Owen's smile too. Does your heart just about burst or what?!

  8. For god's sake, the three smiley men! The cuteness!


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