Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Day Of Prosaic Miracles

Damn. It's already hot and steamy here this morning, you might even call it sultry weather, oh yeah.

What a great word, sultry.

The crickets are humming early-morning-buzziness, the guy who drives his tractor to the truck stop to buy beer broke down in my front yard but got 'er going again, the big chickens are out, already busy with their stations of the scratching, Madonna flashed a pretty pink nipple onstage in Istanbul, Matthew McConaughey married the mother of his children, and this is life on Planet Earth, this and everything else, and all of the despair and all of the joy and all of the scratching in the dirt to find the tasty bugs and the tasty bugs eat whatever they eat and there is sitting down at desks and the mockingbird doesn't know it's Monday, he just sings because it is morning and he is alive in it.

I could say that nothing is changed, nothing is different, another same-same day here in Lloyd but somehow, it just all seems miraculous, from the way the leaves take water and sunlight and make sweet green oxygen, the way long-ago lust turned into me being here, you too, and my grandsons too.
Elvis mounts a hen, the sun makes love to the leaves, the bees make love to the phlox, the water runs from the tap, here we are.

Nations crash and burn, celebrities flash and turn, crickets hum and buzz, chickens scratch and cluck, a truck downshifts up the hill to the railroad tracks, the earth steams its moisture up into the atmosphere, I drink Cleopatra's tears, someone swims in King Solomon's piss, we take turns, each of us, being the young and strong, the old and hardly-wise, the sung and unsung, the earth is sultry this morning and she flips a petticoat and dances on looking over her shoulder to see if we caught that, to see if we are paying attention, to see if we want to dance too, our skin sticky already from heat.


  1. sultry is indeed a fabulous am mainly doing sodden!!!!

  2. And I was just thinking, "Dang, it's roasting." while I watered and swept this morning.

  3. Sultry.

    I could use some of that.

  4. Sultry is a perfect word, it sounds exactly like it means. If a depressing trip to Perry was the price to pay for today's insightful, lyrical, grateful post, is was worth twice the price.
    Welcome home.

  5. Good morning, you beautiful poet.

  6. Echoing what Lora above are a beautiful poet.

    Just this morning I was thinking about how beautiful the South is. With all its painful history and still teetering could I ever leave it for good again? It's like a big pink flower.

  7. Lovely lovely writing. Thank you.

  8. What a nice treat it was to come over here today, as usual.

  9. Hot and sultry here too. It is Monday, and we are back at the land doing land stuff. The garden needs picking and I've got trellises to build. But I am glad to have home, yard, and garden to go to.

  10. Ellen Abbott- It was an inspiring morning.

    Young At Heart- Sodden is another good word.

    Dayna- Here too. Roasting. And moist. So...sultry. I guess.

    Stephanie- Wish I could ship you some.

    daddy b- But do you love my guts? 'Cause I love yours.

    Mel- Aw. I think it was just a particular buzzy, pretty morning.

    Lora- Good afternoon, you beautiful mama.

    Chrissy- It is what it is and sometimes it is beautiful.

    Madame King- Thank-you. From the bottom of my bare feet to the top of my sweaty head and all points in between.

    Nicol- Aw, honey. Thanks.

    Syd- What are you building trellises for? Veg or flower?

  11. Those last two paragraphs are a lyrical prose poem. Just as they are. All you need is a title. "Sultry"?

    Sending love. x0 N2

  12. I think WoW!
    If I didn't know better, I'd think; lyrics from a Bob Dylan track or Cohen.
    Pure poetry, lovely.

  13. Mary, it's sultry here in Seattle. Last summer was the first time I remember it being muggy with high temps and low clouds. The sultry feels demon possessed to me. So I ordered Rosemary's Baby from Netflix because it is the only move on this green earth that scares the boy.

    He's gonna pee himself when he opens that envelope.



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