Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Film With My Chicken Coop In It!

Ah lah. I am feeling fairly worthless, not having accomplished much at all today although yes, I guess I did get a few things done. I don't know. I need to stop comparing myself to Hillary Clinton.
And hey- does Hillary have chickens to tend?
See. I don't think so.

But, none of that is either here nor there. Just another day in North Florida and it turned hot as hades and of course I had to wait around until the mercury hit the danger zone to go take a walk and I don't think I've recovered yet and I doubt I will until oh, maybe tomorrow.

Anyway, Freddy sent me the link to the little film he shot here (mostly) last month and I'm going to share it. He made it for a 48-hour guerrilla film competition and they gave him one line of dialogue which had to be included (this ensures that no one gets a head-start on anything) and so the entire thing was written, cast, shot, and edited in 48 hours. He gave me credit at the end for production assistent or something like that. Which is funny. But hey! I can put it on my resume!


So here it is. You can see how badly parts of my house need painting and also see some of the stuff in my office. Also, some good acting. Owen Provencher of the beautiful face is in there along with the very talented Laura Johnson who is a Doll McDollface who has been known to bring me Tito's vodka and drink it with me.

Okay. Enough. Here it is.


  1. The F. C. Rabbath films are always so good.
    Don't compare yourself to Hillary Clinton. Compare yourself to me and you will feel much better! :-P

  2. Ha! Good one Birdie! I am glad I stopped by tonight, always good to get a dose of Freddie.

  3. Birdie- Hey- you go to work!

    Andrew- I'm glad you came by too!

  4. Yikes! I do not need a cleanse.

  5. Interesting! I love the scene where the woman and girl are walking down the road and you can here the cicadas in the background. (Or some similar loud Florida insect.)

  6. Brilliant! . . . I can't help wondering what the one line of dialogue was that had to be included?
    I don't suppose it was
    "This is a knife, it goes stabby! stabby!" ??
    I liked that line.
    I would think you entertain more people daily (here) than Mrs Clinton.

  7. Kristin- I think the earth did.

    Denise- Yeah. I was like, Freddy- you didn't get Elvis in the movie!

    Steve- That street is the road I live on. When I go out of my gate, that's what I see to the left.

    Bugerlugs- Close! It was the line right before it about "This ain't no high-tech piece of equipment with a 1-800 number and tech support," or something like that.

  8. The rich people are gone so they can keep screwing us. Gotta love that. Great work, Freddie and company.


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