Friday, June 22, 2012

The Sacred And Profane, Part Whatever

Mr. Moon and I have been watching Deadwood again. I can't tell you how much I admire and adore that series. I honestly think it is the best thing I've ever seen on film. The writing, the set, the ACTING is just...well, god, it makes me wish I had an opportunity to do something like that. There are two people on the show whose acting Mr. Moon and I do not like. We discuss this. My cruelest observation of them is, "You can see them acting."
I hate it when I can see people acting.
I keep thinking that one character is my favorite but then I think of another and I decide that he is but then I think of another and I am sure that SHE is, and so forth.

They all have such beautiful, incredible faces. Interestingly enough, the two characters whom I do not find to be true have the most traditionally "pretty" faces. One a man, one a woman. 

We have watched these episodes so many times before but every time, I get struck again with the wonder of it, I pick up new things. There are layers and layers of incredible film-making and story-telling. The language is a wonder and a glory. The profanity, the poetry, the way it is used to razor-cut into the soul of humanity with all of our foibles and dreams and failings and greed and goodness and cruelty and love and imperfection and despair and brutality and grace. It is Shakespeare, it is Dickens, it is hip-hop, it is human.

I love it.

Well. La-di-dah. I am feeling all of those things I listed above. I am human. I might go spend some time with Lily and my grandsons today. I am a grandmother and I am a child, I am blessed, I am cursed. I am free and I am bound. I am ancient and newborn. I am pure and I am corrupt and I am corrupted. I am open-minded and I am intolerant. I am female and I am male. I want to dance like a ballerina, I want to swagger heavy-booted like a man with a gun on each hip.

I know and I do not know.

It is in the complexity that we find the beauty. And I think, quite possibly, the truth of it all.
Whatever truth is. Sometimes I think I know but then I don't.

I tell you what though- no one in this world can say "cocksucker" like Al Swearengen. Great name, great actor (Ian McShane), great word.

Happy Cocksucking Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Come on, tell us who you think doesn't cut it. I'll have Big Dan dangle them off the balcony until their acting improves.

  2. Juancho- Seth and Alma. What's up with the way Bullock walks? Is that a deliberate thing? What the hell is up his buttocks? And I just sort of want to cringe every time Alma is onscreen.
    I love Dan. So much.

  3. I love Deadwood like no other and agree with everything you said.

    We went to Deadwood during the height of the show's popularity, and guess who was there? Big Dan at Saloon # 10. It was a huge surprise. I didn't bother him for a photo, as everyone else in town was doing it. I was just happy to see him there. Thanks for reminding me of that wonderful trip. We swore we were going back to stay for more than a day. Just another item on that list.

    Your last paragraph there is poetry and so true. Our lives are just so much yin and yang.

    I'm glad to have your words in my day.

  4. You know, I tried to watch this show when it first came out, but I just couldn't deal with it -- hated the relentless profanity, especially. But maybe I'll give it another whirl -- I have nothing to while away my television hours, after all! Thanks for the mini review!

  5. I get it. I watched an episode of Justified. I still love Bullock for the fight scene with the Indian brave.

    Nobody does violence like Deadwood.

  6. Ian McShane is great. I don't suppose you ever saw Lovejoy? I used to love that. Antique dealer intrigue :)

  7. I'd like to watch it one day; I need a new tv and a dvd player I guess.

    I feel like one of those folks whose just been found wandering the woods for 40 years, clueless of the world that has sprung up.

  8. And what if there is no cocksucking on this glorious Friday? What shall we do then?

    I will have to look up Deadwood.

    I can not act. I would be horrible. Wooden. Perhaps they would let me be a tree.

  9. I Love your "Lah di dah" paragraph.
    And Ian Mcshane's raised eyebrow . . . There's something about one eyebrow doing it's own thing.

  10. Mel- I heard a radio talk-show guy on NPR yesterday, another true right winger, and what scares me about these people is their deep belief in black/white. Evil/goodness. And of course, THEY define the evil. This guy seemed very intelligent but to me, he sounded ridiculously ignorant.

    Elizabeth- Well, you know me. I REVEL in the endless profanity! It's so beautifully executed!

    Juancho- I haven't seen Justified. I think Hank told me to. I don't remember the fight between Bullock and a brave. Huh. I'll have to pay more attention.

    Jo- No. Never saw it. Would like to. I was looking forward to seeing him in Pirates of the Caribbean- this last one, but his talents were a bit wasted.

    Magnum- I just figured out who the Kardashians are but I still don't understand. It's okay.

    Jeannie- Trees are important. YES! Watch Deadwood! Do it!

    Bugerlugs- That face! I swoon.

  11. "San Francisco cocksuckers, Swidgen!" I seriously cried when al told wu "hang fucking dai, Wu. Hang fucking dai." there at the end. I love that show so much. And spill the beans on the crappy actors!

  12. Daddy B- I did. Look up there at the top of the comments. My reply to Juancho.
    Hey- guess what? I love your guts!

  13. We love Deadwood, I keep a cocksucker count for each episode, although I promptly forget them. Old age,sigh.It would make a nice drinking gam,though. My favorite lines "The doc says I'm knocked up"and "Free pussy for the next 10 minutes"

  14. I read all the comments through but missed that the first time. I agree, whole-heartedly. I could do without the two of them. I like stubbs, especially when she speaks "french"
    Guess what?!?! I love your guts too!

  15. Daddy B- You are a blessing in my life. And in the lives of many.

  16. I have some Swearengen underwear that I wear in the winter on the boat. My wife laughs at me when I wear it. Deadwood was great. But I also thought the Wire was awesome in a different way. Have you seen it? Omar was my favorite on that.


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