Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lovely AND Lively

Tomorrow Mr. Moon and I are taking off for a small journey to Perry, Georgia which is NOT Perry, Florida.
Perry, Florida is a small town southeast of here which used to have a paper mill and I am not sure if it still does. Every freaking road sign in Florida used to tell you how many miles to Perry because some guy on the state sign committee was from Perry but that seems to be not so much the case any more. There was also an auto repair shop in Perry that had a sign which proudly proclaimed that Big and Small, We Rod Them All, and I think that had something to do with radiators.

Anyway, we are not going to Perry, Florida, we are going to Perry, Georgia because there is a Cushman Husky show that's going on there this weekend at the fairgrounds, I believe.
The Perry, Georgia website has this to say:

Perry is lovely, lively, and close to a number of exciting attractions.  We're especially  famous for the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter.  No wonder our number one industry is tourism!

Well, you can only imagine how excited I am about this little get-away. 

And what is a Cushman Husky? you may ask. Yes, well you may.
A Cushman Husky is a small motorcycle type of thing and Mr. Moon has been restoring one for so long that I believe he's had to do rust removal twice now. I'm thinking though, that by the time Owen is old enough to get on it and drive it and run into a tree and break his collar bone, it will be restored. 

Anyway, the point of this journey isn't so much about the Cushman Husky show as it's about just getting away and having a good time. Or so Mr. Moon tells me. He has gotten us a room at the New Perry Hotel which is pretty old place, having been Cox's Inn from 1894 until 1944 when it became the New Perry Hotel and it still is, but under new owners and I hear that they're doing great things with it. 

There's actually another part of the hotel behind this building which looks like what it is- an old MOTEL, but we're staying in the old part, the HOTEL part, I do believe. Mr. Moon and I were going to spend our honeymoon night at the New Perry Hotel back in 1984 but they didn't have a bed at that time big enough for him so we got a room at the Holiday Inn or one of those other places. 

We did, however, have our honeymoon breakfast at the New Perry Hotel's coffee shop which looks like this:

The new owners have included many of the old menu entrees from the old days and I highly suggest you go and look at that menu here.

If you don't want to go to the trouble, let me just say that the first two items under "Country Classics" are Pork Chops in Cream Gravy and Fried Pork Chops.
This ain't a health spa, y'all.

They even have a bar now, called the Tavery, or something like that. The owner of the hotel called Mr. Moon yesterday to tell him that there is going to be music in the bar on Saturday night and that if that's a problem (because we WILL be able to hear the music from our room) they would switch our rooms. 
Mr. Moon asked what sort of music.
"Southern Rock."
He asked how late they would be playing and he was informed that probably only until midnight. Mr. Moon said, "Well, if they play later than midnight, someone better be buying my drinks."

"Haha!" said the woman.

So as you can see, we are going to have a really good time. Pork in many different guises and southern rock and the Cushman show which I won't be going to. We are hoping there is something else to be done in Perry, Georgia like oh, maybe antique shopping. There's a pool, too. 

The web site tells us that in coming to the New Perry Hotel we will leave our stress behind and immerse ourselves in unparalleled relaxation. Well, who wouldn't want to do that? 

But before that happens, I am going to go get Owen and immerse myself in unparalleled grandmotherhood for a few hours. There are a ton of yard-long beans to be picked and perhaps he will help me with that. Whatever he wants to do, that is what we shall do. 

So that's my report from here in Lloyd, Florida which does not have a web site as far as I know. Let me go check. Okay. There IS a wikipedia entry and it's got to be one of the smallest entries in the entire Kingdom of Wikipedia. There's a picture of the Lloyd Train Depot which you have seen pictures of here because that's our post office. But you know, when you live in a place like Lloyd, you can go just about anywhere and if they have a convenience store which serves potato logs, as so many of our finest convenience stores do, you will think you're in the Big City and you can have a lot of fun.

It's all relative, folks.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Looks LOVELY! A bit of that "unparalleled relaxation" I could do with. I was thinking kind of a dog show you were going to. No dog...
    Have fun Ms Moon. You live in a nice part of the world.
    Owen and Gibson reads coming up I think...

  2. All RIGHT, a weekend getaway!

    I'm glad you clarified the Husky thing, as I also thought it was a dog and I thought, "Oh no, not another dog ~ the woman really IS crazy!"

    The hotel, southern rock and pork chops sound like the perfect way to relax ~ hope you both have a great time!

  3. Have great fun!
    But what on earth is a "potato log"???

  4. oh DAMN! I had a Cushman, not sure if it was the Husky-flat, fat tired little thing like the Shriners rode. I found it as a kid and my grandfather restored/modified it to run and we kids pretty much painted the ground with our skin. It sat for 20some years and I gave it to my neighbor for his boys last year. Then he moved, and before I could get it back, it got scrapped.

    It was fun.

  5. Just found your blog. Wow. Another southerner here who likes your writing/thinking.

  6. They got some red velvet cake so I'm in.

  7. I could go for a rootbeer float right now. But what does raisin sauce taste like? I've never heard of that and don't particularly like raisins unless they are covered in chocolate. Maybe if it was a chocolate raisin sauce I'd try it.
    But it sure looks like you will eat well and have a great time!

  8. Photocat - Well it is a nice place to live. Except for the heat and critters and bugs and prejudice and stuff like that. But, hell. It's home.

    Jeannie- I sure am going to try!

    lulumarie- I'll be sure to report in. And hell, honey! I wouldn't get another dog for all the love nor money in the world.

    liv- A potato log is a fried section of a baking potato. Like a french fry, sort of, but much larger.

    Magnum- You could go to Perry, GA this weekend and try to find another one. Lovely and lively.

    Cara- Well, welcome to this community! Glad you're here.

    Beth Coyote- They're going to have to roll me home.

    RachelVB- A raisin sauce, if it's like the ones I've had before, is sort of a sweet and clovey-spiced sauce with raisins that really does taste mighty fine on ham.

  9. You DO have a lot of fun. And I'm glad someone else besides me didn't know what a potato log is.

  10. I didn't know what a potato log was, either, but it sounds obscene;)

  11. The last time I was in Perry, GA there was a horse auction, and I enjoyed that. It was at the Ag. Arena. Anyway, there are really pretty pecan orchards there and some nice old houses. Have a great time!

    LOL on the rod sign.

  12. I am fairly certain that the Perry Hotel's menu just got so many hits that there server broke down. Also I suggest to avoid the Pimento Cheese Sandwich and the Sliced Ham with Raison Sauce.

    Stick with the Country Fried Steak.

    When in Rome...... (which is also in Georgia).

  13. I had a good laugh about those road signs -- it's so true. When I was growing up in Florida a friend and I used to joke that "All roads lead to Perry." Is it really true that some guy from Perry was in charge of sign-making? That would explain a lot.


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