Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

I'm having a hard time writing today and maybe I'm blocked and maybe I know why and maybe I don't and maybe both and maybe all and maybe not.

I'll just say this- picking out the right daddy for my kids is the best thing I ever did and a lot of it had to do with luck on my part.

Also, I want to tell all the daddies who are daddies to kids maybe not biologically their own but who are GOOD daddies, who love their babies and let their babies know that, well- thanks. And of course to the men who are good daddies to their own kids, too, but especially the ones who, for whatever reason, don't HAVE to take on the incredibly hard and often unsung job of it but who do and who do it with love and responsibility and joy.

I'm going to go make a pie now. It's not that I don't have anything else to say, it's just that I can't even sort it all out.

And I don't have to.


  1. It's a strange day for me as well. Right up there with Mother's Day.

    but? what you said.

  2. I know it's hard.

    Love to you on this day -- and love to Mr. Moon and all the good fathering he's done.

  3. happy father's day

    on a completely unrelated note, i googled a recipe and that pioneer hussy's blog came up. she uses lard. lard, of all things!


  4. Love to you Mary and the miracle of baking when things just seem bent.

  5. Mixed feelings here too, missing my own father and sad that my daughter's father never properly grew into the role.

  6. My son just got married yesterday and got a daughter along with a bride. And it's not like he hasn't been her Daddy for the past few years anyway but you can tell that it makes a difference to her because now she can really say he's her Dad (he will be officially adopting her)and can take his name along with her Mom.

  7. Deb- I hate these "Day" days. I swear. They're bullshit.

    Elizabeth- Thank-you, darling. Thank you so much.

    Mrs. A- Of course she uses lard. No one in her world will ever have to worry about cholesterol. It's a magical world filled with animal fat and protein.

    Madame King- You're right. The mixing, the baking, the stirring, the making. Sometimes it is what we need to do.

    A- Not all men are capable of being fathers. Too bad that almost all of them ARE capable of impregnating women.

  8. dear mary, you picked the best daddy for your children, and taught them how to sort through the rusty pins to find the one that gleams. the daddy that gleams. and you feed them pie. happy pie day, sweet woman. this hallmark day's almost done. tomorrow will make fewer demands on your emotions. in the meantime, happy pie making.

  9. Jeannie- Well, bless him and that child and the mother, too. You know i mean it.

    Angella- I'm gonna get through it and sometimes, that is all you can do. And I do know how lucky I am. Mother Nature doesn't give a shit whether or not you had a good daddy if you get a good daddy for your own babies. It's strange to me how some people who were not parented right just go on and repeat the mistakes and some stand tall and say, "The buck stops here," and they become awesome parents, knowing exactly what a child needs because they never had it at all.

  10. I know today was hard for you. God bless Mr. Moon for being so loving to you and your children. I'm thinking of you.

  11. I went to see my father in law. He seemed happy enough and had a little demented woman visiting him from another room. She seems to like him.


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