Thursday, May 31, 2012

Well. If I dropped some food on the floor on this porch I would not think twice about picking it up and eating it now. This is not to say it looks clean. It does not. Maybe a little cleaner. But, as we say, that is some CLEAN dirt.

I mopped twice, starting from one end one time and the other end the next. Both times with Fabuloso and bleach and believe me- you can mix those two things and they will not kill you. Nor will Fabuloso mixed with white vinegar which I often use for cleaning but the porch cried out for bleach.
Believe me.

It rained hard and fast and then it went away leaving the air cooler but no drier. Mr. Moon was going to paint something the other day and the instructions informed him to only paint in 60% humidity or less. I said, "Well then, you are never going to be able to paint." And it's true. If the humidity here is only 60% we feel as if we are in Arizona. We live in a rain forest of sorts and there are benefits and there are drawbacks.

The drawbacks are that you can't properly paint or make meringues but the benefits are these trees. I look out right now and see all of the green and it's worth the trade-off.

I feel a bit discombobulated. With Mr. Moon gone, my timetable is off. My checklist is useless. It is Thursday, not Friday, it is not time to start dinner for my husband. I can eat leftovers and I will.

I think I might actually make a martini and then make a project of the kitchen. What? You don't drink a martini and clean your kitchen?
Oh well.
It beats going out to bars and drinking martinis and making eye-contact with suspicious characters.
Not that I have ever done anything like that.
Of course.

Seriously. I have not. Back in the days when I used to go to bars, I never drank anything stronger than a Budweiser. I was single. Making eye contact with suspicious strangers was not a sin.

It would be now but quite frankly, it would have to a VERY suspicious stranger who would make eye contact with me these days. Plus, I'd have to put on a bra.


What I really wish is that someone would make me a cheese and fruit plate.

And then I would sit with my martini and my cheese and fruit plate and watch this video again which Freddy sent me the link to.

It has Bill Murray in it.

And martinis.

Just passing on the love.

Speaking of which...

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Every time I see Budweiser I hear the phrase 'Because U Deserve What Every Individual Should Enjoy Regularly'. For the record, I do not drink.

  2. Would you believe I'm in a bar having a fruit and cheese plate right now. And there's a stranger sitting next to me. No martini though. Red wine.

  3. Rebecca- I don't need any Mad Ad slogans. Good for you for not drinking!

    Denise- Oh hell. We DO create our own reality.

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  5. I drink beer while cleaning. I really do. Nice and cold.

  6. Thunder storms make me incredibly happy. Yours looks like a doozie.

  7. Love the video, but love it even more because Bill Murray is in it. He is most definitely one of my favorites. Hope the martini and the rest of your evening went well. Have a good one, Ms. Moon.

  8. I drank delicious beers all night.

  9. SJ- It does make it a bit more tolerable.

    Madame King- And I woke up this morning to find that it rained more last night. Water dripping off of everything, rattling the tin roof, the sun busting through.

    Mr. Shife- Of course! Bill!

    DTG- I'll pick you up at 11:30. I am looking forward to it.

  10. I haven't picked anyone up in a bar for so long, I can't remember doing it. Best to have that martini at home. And quit cleaning!

  11. Syd- Oh. How I wish I could quit cleaning. I'm about to now. To go to bed. And I have clean sheets. Because...I washed them.


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