Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Am Bejeweled

Gentle rain all day long; we have gotten the best of this storm. Time and excuse to sit and patch Gibson's baby quilt, to repair an old beloved dress of mine. We played games, both board and loving. A small nap. A break in the rain and we went and picked blackberries, laughing at the way the canes caught us and cursed us for taking their fruit.

The chickens have been completely unimpressed.

Elvis' finery is drooped and bedraggled. He doesn't seem to care at all.

I rolled out pastry in my clumsy, unartistic way, lined the pie plate, filled it with sugared purple fruit, laid strips across and put it into the oven.

My toast tonight, "To the perfect life, even if you don't have the perfect wife."

He laughed. And kissed me.

This small day. This day of small perfections. An emerald, a ruby, a diamond, a sapphire, a chunk of veined turquoise. I string it on the cord of my life's days.

I will wear it forever.


  1. That is down right poetic.

    Glad it was a good day! I'm sorry we were not home to see Mr. Gibson... I was so not happy about that! But thanks for calling. My timing is off this week in many areas so. We were at the Trousdell pool when you called. I bet Owen would LOVE that!

    They have tot time during the week in the activity pool which I believe begins at 10 am and goes till noon. No big kids allowed! It's heavenly.


  2. Lovely. Naps, rain, berry-picking, pie. (What is this "sanity" of which you speak?) Seriously, I think your sanity IS your contribution (one of them, anyway) to your community. As you said in an earlier response, more violence in the world makes more violence in the world. In that same way, more sanity creates more sanity. Your appreciation of the grounding, rich realities you illuminate transforms the prosaic into the holy. Transforms is probably the wrong verb. It's more about revealing or reminding. Anyway, it's valuable.
    Or invaluable.

    And that little Gibson--doesn't he
    just embody the concept of wise soul? Amazing little face!

  3. Lovely, warm, shining.

    I can feel it all the way across the continent.

  4. Ms. Fleur- I'm sorry we missed you. Owen's other grandmother has a pool so he gets lots of time in there. He's a damn lucky boy, that one.

    A- If that's true, I am even luckier than I think I am. Thank you, my dear friend. Thank you.

    Deirdre- And that's a long way. But these tropical storms can carry things on wings of wind.

    Gradydoctor- Happy wife, happy life. Love you, too.

  5. Nicol- It was such a nice day and I was feeling so loved and okay and good.

    Jo- Thank-you.

  6. Another lovely lyrical post, and toast! Sending love. N2

  7. Sounds like a good day. I'm glad that you are having a slow one. I am so wanting my life back and no more studying.


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