Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Million Dollar Day

Owen and I got a lot done today. We went to the library together and when I told him to be quiet and did the "ssshing" sound, he immediately got the picture and went around shushing all the other patrons. He also hid between a wall and the book-return thing but I could easily find him because he was still ssshing so I could hear him. I tried to interest him in some book reading but he wasn't having any of that. I mean- come on- there were aisles to run down and hide from me in.

Still, it was fun and when we got in the car, he honestly said, "Thanks for taking me to the library."
I almost cried.

Before we go any farther, I have to tell you that once again, one of my ankles has been torn up by a yellow fly. This is what a yellow fly looks like.

I did not take that picture. My legs do need shaving but it's not that bad. Plus, if a yellow fly is on my body I am NOT taking the time to grab a picture-taking device. And those fuckers are the fastest-flying insects on the planet, even weighed down with a cargo of fresh human blood. Yes. They suck your blood. It's almost impossible to slap them but it's ecstatically rewarding when you do.

Anyway, my ankle is itching right now to the point of insanity. I feel like I could scratch that area to ribbons and that's not a joke. Also, I have a bite on the bottom of my foot in a tender place, and if anything, that itches more than the ankle does.
I sort of want to just cut that foot off. Yes, it would be painful but it wouldn't be itching LIKE IT IS RIGHT NOW AND I AM HAVING TO USE EVERY BIT OF SELF-DISCIPLINE I HAVE (which is admittedly, not much) NOT TO TAKE A PIECE OF SANDPAPER TO THE AREA.
Ohgodohgodohgodogodohgodohgodohgod it itches.

I have put Benadryl cream on it. I am hoping for the best. I am wondering if they use yellow flies in torture situations. It would work.

So. Breathe. Back to my story. What was I talking about? Oh yes. Owen.

So we came home and it was a good trip home in that we saw the LLAMA which lives one mile away from here. Sometimes the llama is not in a part of the yard we can see and that is always a huge disappointment. But today, we definitely saw the llama.

And once Owen got here he wanted to do everything and so we did. That picture up top is of him scrubbing the tires on his grandfather's tractor with a wire brush. "That's better," he said when he was finished. We fed chickens and gathered eggs and picked yard-long beans and tomatoes and he hai-ya'd stuff with bamboo and he hid from me and he got in the baby-walker and zoomed around like he was in a bumper car and he let me read him a long book and he took a bath with all of his farm animals and we ate macaroni and cheese AND Chex Mix. Yes. We did and shut up. I was thinking about getting out the orange sherbet and just making a big ol' Orange Food Trifecta of it but I did not. I made him a mixed drink of cranberry juice and orange juice because he asked me to. We did other stuff, too, and it was all fun and he made me laugh a lot.

When his daddy came to get him and he got buckled into his car seat, he gave me kisses and hugs and told me he loved me. He asked for one more kiss and I leaned in to give it to him and he said, "No thanks," but then he did want one more hug and I gave it to him.

Lord, Lord. To be a grandmother.

And now I'm going to make some corn soup and that sounds like fun and Mr. Moon should be home at some point and we'll talk about our upcoming get-away.

So all-in-all, it's been a fairly fabulous day and I even got some laundry done and the Benadryl cream is working. The beans I planted a few days ago are already poking their heads up through the ground and it sure looks like rain. It has actually looked and felt like rain all day long but it hasn't rained yet although the electricity was out for about an hour and I have no idea why. I didn't even bother to call them because I am certain they have computers which tell them when the electricity is out and it came back on without any help from me.

I got no complaints. For once in my life.

Call Ripley's and break out the champagne.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. This post cracked me up. Thank you for that.

  2. Sounds like a great day and I'm SO glad the benadryl is working. Wishing you a sweet night's sleep with no itching!

  3. Your writing was so vivid that I could close my eyes, nearly feel your itch (although I wouldn't presume to understand just how bad it got) and then fantasize about taking a brush to it.

    I hope it's better by now!

  4. I don't like those flies at all. They bite and draw blood. I have an electrocution device on the boat for flies but they are great at evading it.

  5. You know what was delicious? That ham and corn chowder you used to make us. Make some for dad, with the unhealthy something left in. He would love it.

  6. I felt for you with the bites and itching.. I seem to attract anything near me, and it leaves my other loved ones alone!! In Malaysia when I visited there with a friend, I noticed that there were lots of bitey things and what the locals did, was to put a piece of material under a very hot tap or kettle and slap it straight onto the bite and it cut the stinging.. it happens so much out there, they dont bother with creams etc too expensive,.. glad your cream worked but you could try the hot cloth, or vinegar idea.. place a spot of vinegar on it, should do same... hugs from across that Pond.. J

  7. I soooo totally looooove the boy stories. I think I can actually hear Owen say "Nahhh, that's betta!"
    That boy will have such alive and kicking badass memories to take with him in manhood. And what he gets from you he will give on to his children, so you pass the love from generation to generation...
    Kill the little yellow buggers!

  8. Stephanie- I am so glad.

    Lulumarie- It was an awesome night's sleep. Phew!

    Elizabeth- For a few minutes there I was thinking I might lose my mind but I didn't. That was some crazy itching.

    Syd- Don't you love it, though, when you get one of those fuckers? God.

    DTG- That was some good stuff. This was more of a soup with other vegetables in it. I didn't have any ham.

    Janzi- Well, that hot water thing does work. But the Benadryl was at hand and I used it and it worked.

    Photocat- He says the funniest things these days. "Keep your eye on the ball," cracks me up every time.

  9. Yellowflies suck. That could be the name of a chapter in your memoirs!

    I wonder if Owen's poo will be orange. That might cause some alarm! hee hee!

    Glad you had a great day. woot!


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