Saturday, June 30, 2012

Early To Bed

It was a lovely birthday party and the food was delicious and it was so nice to be with everyone. It feels... rather strange and wonderful not to always be the party-thrower.

Everyone said the cake was the best German Chocolate one I ever made. I will take their word for it.

Tomorrow I'm going to go back to Lily and Jason's at 5:45 a.m. to be be with the boys. Lily and Jason both open. The other grandmother will be coming later in the morning to take Owen to church. We were talking about this and he said that no, he'd rather go to Chuckie Cheez. Or however you spell it. I'm not even going to look it up.
I said, "Well, I'm not going to take you to either of those places."
And it's true. I am the curmudgeon grandmother.

 Here are the darling boys, dressed in their Mexican Man garb for their grandfather's birthday party.

And here is darling May, holding her nephew Gibson whom she has known his entire life.

I love my family. So very, very much.

Sweet dreams, y'all. Sweet dreams.


  1. Chuck E. Jeezus.

    And that photo of the two boys in those little shirts is priceless.

  2. what I wouldn't do for a piece of that german chocolate cake right now.

  3. Lovely cake . . . And Mr Moon's legs aint too bad either ;-)

  4. I knew a woman whose son had a religious phase and asked to have his birthday party... at a Mass. He did agree that perhaps not all his friends would like to spend a birthday party... at Mass. I hope he grew out of it.

    You'v just given me a vision of a Jesus themed play centre called Chucky JCeeze P)

  5. I don't blame him. I'd rather go to Chuckie Cheez too.

  6. I agree with Elizabeth: Oh those boys in those shirts! The O-boy is turning into such a boy. Is it the way his face is thinning out, losing his baby cheeks?

    Happy Birthday to the patriarch of the Moon Tribe. Sending love to you all. x0 N2

  7. Nice photos. Looks like a great time. I'm glad that you all had a great time.


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