Saturday, June 23, 2012

Oh Soul

Click HERE to go to the place with the explanation.

You have no idea how much of my heart and life have been influenced by this woman. So many women have been. So many women should be.

She has made and does make this world a better place. These film makers are helping to make that happen.

And a P.S.
The Stephen Gaskin I semi-quoted in the last post is Ina May's husband and he is shown briefly in the trailer in the clip above.
Sometimes I just feel like everything gets knit up and bound together in the end.


  1. Oh my soul is right I followed this link, as soon I saw the Farm something twigged and guess what, I found there, my roommate from Boston days and dear old friend of yesteryear, Bonnie - aka Bernice Davidson, the artist featured, who I have been wondering about and seeking for thirty years and there she was, still doing art, bingo, you know it's not easy to find someone called Bernice Davidson.


    Thank you Mary.

    I'm so freaking stoked.

  2. wow....I am moved and inspired.....some people really do make a difference....

  3. This story so needs to be shared. So glad they met their goal.

    It endlessly amazes me that her statistics are so disregarded - over 200 births before a section was necessary, when she first started, and that only for a transverse presentation? And more than 300 before the next one? Take that, hospital section statistics. And yet, home birth continues to be outlawed and dismissed...

  4. This is so beautiful ~ I can't wait to see the entire film. LOVE the painting by Bernice Davidson with the aura halos around everyone.

    My friend Maureen had her two daughters at The Farm ~ they're in their 20's now.

    The trailer made my heart sing.

  5. Deirdre- I am astounded and yet, completely not. These things just happen and it's so cool.

    Young At Heart- Profound influence on the lives of literally tens of thousands. At least.

    Jo- The Medical profession is always trying to somehow say her stats are skewed. What crap!

    Lulumarie- Beautiful!

  6. Very nice! I'd like to see this.

  7. There's a woman leaning over a bed in the beginning who looked to me exactly like Susan! It took my breath away really.

    Did you notice her?? Whew!

  8. Interesting film. I don't know much but am glad that I don't have to give birth.


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