Monday, June 18, 2012

Another Day In The Life

Oh man. I am tired. But not exhausted. I really did sit on my ass a lot today, holding Gibson of course. I could have put him down more than I did but I just like to hold him. He's a baby of substance. And strength. He likes to stand up and I lean him on my chest and he sort of puts those little baby arms on my shoulders and sometimes I just hold him like you'd hold a regular baby, you know, and today I was doing that and he stuck his little finger in his mouth and sucked on it and fell asleep while I was rocking him. He didn't fuss, he just calmly went to sleep.

He did really, really well being away from his mama for the first time. And Owen was good too. I mean, you know, he was a two-getting-close-to-three-year-old but we had a good time. We all hid under a sheet so that the dinosaurs wouldn't get us. He loves to hide from wild animals, both living and extinct. Then we had a little talk about how some dinosaurs wouldn't hurt us because they only eat plants.
That was just about as educational as I got today unless you want to include me discussing Sid The Science Kid with him but since I mostly say things like, "Wow! I love the way Sid dances, don't you?" it really doesn't count.

Owen ate an entire raw banana pepper today. If he were a dinosaur, he'd be one of those plant-eating ones.

Boppy came over and ate his lunch with us. That was fun. He and Gibson were wearing semi-matching shirts.

I am the world's luckiest woman, aren't I?

Please don't think I'm being prejudicial in not taking Owen's picture more lately. He hates having his picture made now. Every time I take his picture he's either a blur in it or there's an empty space where he had been when I raised the picture-taking device.

He brushed my hair today. I don't know where or how, but he knows how to tease hair. "This hurt?" he'd ask.
"Nah," I'd say.
"THIS hurt?" he'd ask.
"Getting there," I replied.

He's so sweet and gentle with Gibson. He hugs and kisses him a lot and wants to hold him. For about a second. Then he's done. But he really does love his little brother.

After Jason got home I came back to Lloyd and changed out of my spit-up clothes and went to Monticello for a Stage Company meeting. That was actually a lot of fun because I got to see Jan and Jack and Judy and Denise and Pat. Kathleen wasn't there because she's on her way to Spain with her dad.
That girl is a saint and that's all I'm going to say about that.

Then I came home and heated up some leftovers and we're about to eat some of last night's Father's Day pie. This is a recipe that comes from a homemade cookbook that Mr. Moon's first mother-in-law put together. I have changed the recipe so much that it's not even the same dessert. That recipe calls for things like box pudding and Cool Whip. Of course I make my own chocolate custard and whip my own cream and besides those two things it has a crust made of butter, flour, pecans and sugar. You could just eat that and it would be too much. But then you add the whipped cream with cream cheese in it and the custard and then more whipped cream and...
Oh god. It is so fucking good.
I told Lily today that if her daddy ever gets rid of me, some other woman is going to try and make that recipe for him and it ain't gonna taste anything like what I make. Lily said that if I DIE and another woman makes it, she'll tell the woman how I really did it. If her father DIVORCES me and another woman makes it, she won't tell her and just let her use the Cool Whip and stuff. And then she'll say to her daddy, "She's an awful cook. Mama made that dessert all the time and it was AWESOME!"

I love my children.

And if I keep making my husband this pie, he won't divorce me. Of course, if we keep eating it, we'll both die so there is that.

But honestly, I only make it once a year.

It's been a good day. I hope yours has too. We live in interesting times but some things remain constant- babies and friends and real whipped cream and chocolate custard that you stir over the stove for a long, long time.

At least in my world.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Dang, that sounds so good. My mouth is literally watering.

  2. I am madly in love with that picture of Bop and Gibson. Love it. And I always want the pies you describe. Yum, yum, yum.

  3. I love your world . . . And whipped cream. I had some left-over whipped cream in the fridge and found the empty bowl with spoon next to my bed this morning! . . . No, no nothing like that, I'm single ;-) I'd eaten it.

  4. Elizabeth- I'd post the recipe but I think it might be illegal.

    gradydoctor- See above.

    Bugerlugs- Ha!

  5. My neighbor was making a dessert that sounds suspiciously like that when I went by today...She calls it YumYum. lol

  6. Ah hell, we all die sometime. Enjoy!

  7. That sounds decadent. We seldom eat things that are decadent anymore. But maybe when I get old and near death, I'll eat all those bad things that are really so good.


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