Saturday, June 9, 2012

Relaxed Yet Ruminating

It finally occurred to me (and yes, I am slow) that we may be staying in the Eiffel Tower suite. I say this because there are at least six renditions of the Eiffel Tower in these two rooms here at the New Perry Hotel. Four pictures and two wire sculpture thingees.
There is also a small set of built-in bookshelves containing many Readers Digest Condensed Books as well as a goodly number of Danielle Steel, a lovely small couch, two of the tiniest bathrooms I have ever seen, a comfortable bed and a very small TV.

It's nice here in the Eiffel Tower suite.

They are trying so hard here at the New Perry Hotel. I think that at least seven family members are working here and they seem to be doing everything from cooking to manning the desks to doing the grounds care. They are all pleasant.
There is one older male family member who wants to chat a lot. He especially wants to chat with Mr. Moon about basketball and he has gotten a little too close to the line of displaying his racial prejudice and at breakfast, I was about this close to either getting up and announcing that I was going to go get a room at the local Ramada or else telling him that my father was black (okay, just in the soul, but let's face it- there is no such thing as racial "purity," not really) but he backed up before he said anything that I would be forced to NOT IGNORE.

This is the side of the south which no one can be proud of and here in Perry, GA, although we are north of Lloyd, we are more in what we would call the deep south and that's all there is to it. It's a quiet, very small, sleepy southern town and charming as all get-out and I'm sure that things have changed considerably in the last fifty years and probably especially in the last decade but sometimes I wonder if anything ever really changes at all and I feel despair and yes, guilty for not speaking up, even if things are implied rather than flat-out stated.

And to be quite honest, I am basing something on talking with one old man and oh, you know, the statue on the courthouse lawn placed in honor of the Confederate Dead and that is not being open-minded or fair.
Well, and that letter to the editor in the local paper wherein the author called the ACLU disgusting but that had to do more with religion than race in this particular instance.

But Mr. Moon and I are going to stroll around town. There are a lot of nice little shops and a place to get coffee and the crepe myrtle are in bloom, stark burgundy against the cream color of the stucco buildings and last night's dinner was excellent, even if I was worried that our server was having a cerebral incident of some kind. She suddenly lost vision in one eye and I pleaded with her to go immediately and get it checked out but she was certain that it would clear up and that besides, they were very busy and she couldn't just leave.


It did clear up but I have to wonder how many people have died because they were too concerned with things that aren't, in the scheme of things really that important.

We humans are funny. We keep on with it, even when we shouldn't, we ignore that which we should pay attention to, and yes, things do clear up mostly.

I am as guilty of this as anyone.

I cannot pretend not to be so.


  1. Yes, you're so right. I admonish people for doing this all the time (no, really, it's just a SMALL brain haemorrage!), then I do it myself too. We're silly beings. I went to work with a fever of 101 a while back, because I felt too bad about not going.

    As for the racism, I was just in Lanzarote - old Spanish man busking classics in a heavy accent on the harbour wall - and then just as I was dropping a coin into his basket, I realised he was improvising the lyrics, 'oh, you'll find a lot of Pakis in Wolverhampton' or some such English-racist-pleasing shite. I recoiled in vaguely amused horror, but it wasn't worth digging my 20 cent back out of the basket, I suppose :)

  2. Like the book says, "There is nothing new under the sun."

  3. It all sounds a bit southern gothic; are there any Christoga classes
    in town? Do they have Readers Digest
    versions of Faulkner on the shelf?

  4. I am still unrecovered from Christoga.

    I always put duct tape over the engine light when it flares up on my dashboard. Fixes everything.


  5. Rascism is alive and well here as well. When the old white guard dies, I hope that the next generation won't be as bad. I can only hope.


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