Saturday, January 1, 2011

Witchy Woman

You know, the funny thing is, Freddy gets shots of me that I don't even remember.
Well, here's a teaser.


  1. Wow.....perfect. Your hair: divine.

  2. Mary Moon was/is awesome!

  3. This looks epic! And what great shots of you!

  4. Waah, it's set to private. How do I get a friend request to view it?

  5. Arggggh! It's been removed! I'm too late!

    I will say I subscribe to Mr. Rabbath's channel and I went there and watched his featured video which is a summary of his films. It's very cool to me to see you in there and see folks walk around on your property and run out your front door!

  6. Oh, oh! I got it to work! I clicked play, got the message that it had been removed, then clicked the bottom left clip with the mountain on it, Ta Da! Looks amazing. How does he do it?
    You look amazing, Ms. Moon.

  7. wouldn't it be a riot if someone picked up this video from the independent film places and it made it to...what's that one award thing where they play them all in movie theaters and movie stars show up to watch them all?

    Very intriguing....this clip draws me in!

  8. You're a star. Can't wait to see the whole thing --

  9. deb- Old Fred has the eye, doesn't he?

    Michele R- Crazy hair. I love it ever more as it grays.

    FC Rabbath- No. YOU are awesome.
    And cute.

    Jo- Am I dramatic or what?

    Mel- It's all done with mirrors.

    Ms. Trouble- My house is so photogenic.

    Elizabeth- It's going to be very short, I think.

    rebecca- Okay. I guess they call it a "trailer".

    Radish King- Freddy has a scary mind but he's as sweet as honey.

  10. Wow, that is good. It looks top notch.

  11. no, no, I meant the good THE SHIVERS.

    Have you ever read John Irving's A Prayer For Owen Meany? Highly hugely recommended if not.

  12. Radish King- Of course. Yes. It is a good one.

  13. CAn't WAIT!!! You know I love all this spooky mystical shit!

    Thank you FC and thank you Mary for introducing us all to him and his wonderful works!

  14. You all look AMAZING!

  15. genius.
    oh what a thrill.
    you are AMAZING!!!!!!
    miss you, sorry I haven't been here.
    will come back soon I hope.
    Been a little nuts lately.
    more than normal.
    but i'm okay.

  16. i've been here actually, just haven't commented.
    but here, for sure.

  17. oooh... i want more

    that guy is foxy

    as are you


  18. Syd- We shall have to wait and see what happens.

    Ms. Fleur- He's something else with that camera, isn't he?

    Stephanie- Your lips to Freddy's ears.

    notjustafemme- I wish I could see through Freddy's eyes sometimes.

    Bethany- I have missed you and I hope that things smooth over soon, my dear girl.

    Michelle- Lanny would be pleased to hear you say that. I love your new picture. You are GORGEOUS. Flat-out gorgeous.


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