Thursday, January 13, 2011

This Day, Too

Sorry for the lousy picture but at least the Mac is in focus. In case you can't tell, this is Owen watching his favorite Melmo video- it has ducks in it and Melmo sings. A song. About ducks.
It's quite clever. If you're fifteen months old.
He also loves the Katy Perry and Melmo video. Katy's little cupcake bosoms are mostly exposed but I think it's highly tasteful. And what baby doesn't love a ninnie? Bop likes that one too.

My favorite is the one with Adam Sandler. He's not really sexy but he's funny and he gets kissed by a dragon. The song he sings is catchy. Too catchy, in fact. It sits in my brain and replays over and over and over. "This is a song about Elmo...."

Yeah. This is my life. Come on, Owen. Let's watch Mr. Adam Sandler sing with Elmo.
If Owen doesn't like a video (i.e., not enough Melmo), he waves and says, "Bye-bye." Gets the point across. He may not have a huge vocabulary but he uses what he has in very expressive ways.

So May was here today and she didn't require much from me. I made soup and she ate it and she drank a lot of tea and watched TV wrapped up in covers and at least she was warm. I love having her here. I wish she wasn't sick but if that's what brought her here, I'll take it. Owen can say May-May and he does. I think he has a little crush on her. He looks at her and gives her his fanciest, "Hey!" with that little flirty look he gets when there's a pretty girl around.
The boy has good taste and he'll realize he can't date his aunt soon enough.
These things take time.

And so will May's bronchitis although she has three different drugs for it. She hates being sick and who doesn't? But she mostly hates having to be taken care of, I think and in that she is too much like many of us.

What? Me need help? NO! I'm the one who is the helper!

Well, some times we all have to accept help and in that there is much grace. And if we just realized how much others want to help, it makes it easier to take. It's a gift to be given the opportunity to take care of someone we love.
At least that's how it feels to me.

Well, I'm tired. I sort of drag-assed around after Owen all afternoon. We went out and fed the chickens and we looked at the goats and we went in the garden. He mourns the loss of the marigolds and always points to where they used to be and looks at me like, "What the hell did you do with my marigolds?"
"They'll be back," I tell him.
And they will.

It will warm up, May will get well, the chickens will begin to lay again, Owen will continue to grow and learn and perhaps he'll even branch out to oh, videos with Cookie Monster. Or Bert and Ernie.
We can only hope.

We go on and some nights we lay down to go to sleep wondering just what the hell we did that day. If anything we did was important at all.

I think we probably all do something important every day. A load of laundry, a meal on the table, a day at work, a child kissed and tended, a poem written or a poem read.

Something. May not seem like much, but if we add all the little things up in all the days- well, they mean something. They're important.

Trust me.

Sweet dreams.
Love...Ms. Moon

P.S. I had rehearsal tonight and between that and everything else today, I have not been able to answer comments or go around to visit other blogs much. Forgive me. I'll visit when I can. I'll bring cookies, okay? Put on the coffee. You know I'll want some.


  1. =Tell May that I send kisses and wishes for good health. I just got done with bronchitis too (my official diagnosis after the "not-mono"), of course :) Soup sounds good. It's been a really tough day.

  2. oh ms. moon,
    i love you so.
    sleep a long full perfect night.
    and rise to wonder.

  3. Get well May May.

    Everyone get some sweet sweet rest.

  4. Sounds like you are as tired as I am. A full day here.

  5. The coffee is on -- I haven't been around much either of late. Life is kicking my ass.

  6. I'm looking forward to the cookies. I'll have coffee and smutty words waiting for you when you stop by! I'll be glad to think of you all busy with your loved ones if you don't.

  7. God, I love being looked after.

    I was sick last year, and Danielle sent me this email loaded with a song, and pictures of flowers and mararons and all sorts of nice things, and it was so nice!

    And at Halloween while the kids were trickertreating, Cassia had to go back to the house with a stomach ache, and her friend's dad made me tea and hot port, and it was so nice!

    Yup, pamper me up, mother me, and I'm yours.

    Melmo is very squeaky, but the kiddies do seem to respond.

    Check out Feist on Sesame St, best version of her song :)

  8. Melmo's a puppet
    can't date your aunt
    annuals die

    Life really gets tough after about 7 years old, huh.

  9. SJ- I told May what you said. She smiled.
    I hope today is a better one for you, dear.

    rebecca- It's as if you cast the perfect spell because that is exactly what I did!

    Ms. Fleur- Thank-you, honey!

    Syd- Full days are good.

    Elizabeth- We do what we can. I think chocolate chip and pecan cookies. Okay?

    Mwa- There were no smutty words! Just breastfeeding which is okay because breastfeeding is one of my favorite subjects. I love you!

    Jo- You are right. Pamperings, even tiny ones are precious.

    Magnum- You made me and May laugh this morning and we thank you for that.

    Stephanie- Me too!

  10. I LOVE that Owen calls Elmo 'Melmo'. L did too. Hell, maybe most kids do. IDK, but it's damn cute. :0)

  11. I do so like Elmo...I do miss watching Sesame Street...because I did when the kids were little. He just makes me smile and feel happy.

    So sorry May has been ill. It is hard to watch our grown kids ill just as much as when they were small and needed us. My middle daughter has Mono and has been up and down since Thanksgiving time....You are such a good mom and grandma to be able to help them when they sure need the TLC.

  12. @Ms. Moon - Ah now I'm very glad I came back to read. I love you too.
    (The smut was in the post before the breastfeeding.)


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