Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It's ten-twenty and I'm back from rehearsal and I still have to make a lunch for tomorrow and oh yes, a smoothie and set the coffee for six-thirty because that grandboy of mine is coming at eight.
And Billy and Waylon are coming over and I have NO BACON OR TOMATOES to make that man a sandwich and really- what sort of a friend AM I?


Needless to say it's going to be another fun-filled day and I'm looking forward to it.
All those boys. At my house.

But this is to say that I do not have time to answer comments and do not even bother to tell me not to worry- I do. This is my contract with you- that you comment (I hope!) and that I answer so that it is a conversation, so that you know I really, really do appreciate comments and that they mean so much to me and well, you know.

I know a lot of people don't answer comments and that's cool. It's probably insane that any of us do but it's also so very nice to feel like someone cares enough about what you said to answer but we all know that sometimes it's just not going to happen.

Okay. Done. Give me a few rosaries to say, a mea culpa, a ditch to dig, whatever. I can take it. I'm a woman.

I'll catch up when I can both in comments and here. Life is speeding down the highway of insanity, as always, but it sure is interesting.

Night-night kisses. Night-night... Moon.


  1. I rarely answer comments, but then again I don't really get many, or leave that many to begin with.
    I just hope you're not too burned out after this play for something in the murder-mystery.

  2. I give you a standing ovation for your writing on your blog as well as your responding...I simply don't know how you do it!

  3. You are good to answer comments. I can barely get enough time to read and make comments on others blogs. It is therapeutic and part of my recovery reading. And yep, you are right there. Your blog is part of my recovery. I learn humor and realness here. Thanks!

  4. sweet dreams, when you get to them...

  5. I always try to be like you and answer my comments and then I become like me and fall behind. So I'm relieved you won't be answering this dull comment.

  6. I know what you mean. I love that it's a conversation and that you take the time - I actually go back and check the responses and they make me happy.

    I try to answer comments on my blog, but just now with the three children and the holidays and Babes back at work, I just can't keep up with meals let alone my blog. It will all have to wait until the schools are back. (Now that I've written that of course I will blog today. I hope.)

  7. I feel it is curtesy to answer comments. I do it too, as much as I can. I nearly do not get as much as you, so it is easier... I always wonder about those blogs who get over a hundred comments every day, Phew...
    Personally, I love my groupies (as I call my returning commenters) and it feels nice to correspond with them... Enjoy your boys today and give Owen a double whammy hug, one from me and one from my granddaughter...

  8. I do love the community you've created here. I do love it. Just want you to know that.

    I've started waking up early so that I can write. It's made such a difference to me. But finding the time to read and comment like I would like? Still figuring that all out.


  9. Mary,
    I understand. Really I do. Never worry about that with me.

    I have taken to responding randomly, to cut down the time required, but I read every single comment and appreciate them. I know you do too.

    All you can do is the best you can do. Killing yourself is not desired or required.




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