Saturday, January 22, 2011

Portrait Of An Evening

As I am apt to do sometimes when I come in after a night out, I sit down with my Photo Booth and take pictures of myself. I find it fascinating.
This may have something to do with drinks. Or course.
But there I am, dressed up and make-up on and I can just snap, snap, snap and delete, delete, delete.
And it's pretty dark. That helps.
So that's what I did last night and there's a picture and I should take a picture of me right now to show you what this morning's Ms. Moon looks like but I can't handle the reality and neither should you have to.

We had a lot of fun last night. I saw people I hadn't seen in years and Owen too. He kept pointing at the stage saying, "More, more!" It was like he was watching Elmo or something. And I didn't even get the camera out until he left because I was too busy holding him and showing him off and being proud. He was the Prince Of The Evening and ate many sweet potato fries.

Anyway, it's a beautiful day here in Lloyd and the sun is out like nobody's business and I have things to do and places to go and here are some pictures.

Next time I'll try to remember to get a shot without the mic in Lis's face. Golly, she was beautiful. Golly she sang like an angel. Golly it was good to see that woman.
And she did use my lipstick and my mirror.
And she's coming back Sunday night.
Life is good.

Here's a beautiful girl and her beautiful Papa. Sorry for the darkness.

Here are Jessie and FC Rabbath. Freddy actually showed up and called me Mom and ate some supper. That was so nice.

And either he or Jessie took this picture of me and Mr. Moon dancing. Yes! We danced! Red cowgirl boots are good for dancing as well as kicking ass.

So there you go. I went out, got some ya-ya's out, wore my hair down without a pin or a braid or a band or a twist. I never do that but I did last night.

Okay. I got chickens to feed and places to be.

Happy Saturday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. sounds the cheeky glimpse of those red cowboy boots in the photo, and that laughing face...!

  2. you don't need to play an instrument to make beautiful music- look at you and the mr. there. that's a beautiful song in itself, and all the good that lives through you and on in your children and grandchild, well, those are songs too.

    be well in your day. make your music!


  3. I can feel the force of your laugh by that last photo. I love that you laugh so openly and freely almost like a child. Beautiful.

  4. Ah, you are all so beautiful. Love this happy window into your Friday night.

  5. Oh! I need a night out very soon. I've been so busy launching all this new business shit! Your post made me want to drop it all and go put on some going out clothes!

    But then I remembered that it's -2 degrees out right now. Yes. It. Is.

  6. That last photo of you and Mr. Moon is fabulous, you in mid twirl, so full of life, gorgeous you, and your man knows what he's got, and he is kind of fine, too. glad you had that kind of night. happy saturday, too.

  7. That looks like a perfect evening. The red boots are the cherry on top.

  8. Oh girl...I miss dancing with you!

  9. Now I want some red cowboy boots...

  10. i LOVE the dancing picture!!! and you are just radiant, beautiful

  11. The evening was just what you needed! Everyone happy and and Mr. Moon dancing and kicking up the heels!

    Photo Booth is just brilliant. Apple was so smart to have come up with that!

  12. That sounds like such a great night. All those beautiful people.

  13. Love the peek into your Friday night. Looks like a lovely time...and you look so full of joy!

  14. Screamish- And what you can't see is the purple tights underneath. I love red and purple together.

    Mrs. A- Aren't I blessed? Sweet notes.

    Ms. Radish King- The three beers didn't hurt with the laughter thing.

    Amna- It was such a nice evening.

    Erin- That is not a temperature. Sorry.

    Angella- Going out can be so renewing, can't it? You can twirl and whirl and be that man's girl. I forget this too often.

    Lisa- I love those boots. Lis gave them to me!

    Terry- My god, we used to have fun!
    I miss that so much.
    Party In My Pants???

    Syd- I'm so glad.

    Leslie- You should definitely get some.

    Maggie May- I never wear my hair down. I think it helped with the whole having-fun process.

    Ellen- Apple is very, very smart.

    Mwa- They are all so very beautiful to me.

    Mel's Way- I was joyful. Indeed I was.

    Wally J- Hello! Thanks for coming by and commenting. And it was as much fun as it looks.

  15. Looks like you had a wonderful time... Love the last picture of you and Mr. Moon!

  16. All I needed to cap my week off is to see you and Mr. Moon dancing.

  17. You and Mr Moon are gorgeous


  18. You look beautiful, and I love the photo Jessie took.


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