Friday, January 28, 2011

All Quiet On The Southern Front

Do you hear it?
That's right.
There is, right this second, nothing going on in my house. Okay, Zeke is crunching kibbles with his tiny little Zeke-teeth and there's a plane whining its way somewhere overhead and there are birds twittering and the washing machine is chugging its way through a cycle, but beyond that...nothing. Because Owen has gone home with his mommy.


I have loved having Owen here the past few days with all of my heart. It has been joyful and it has been fun and funny and fabulous and we have both laughed ourselves silly. We have our own private jokes, you know. Mostly having to do with burps, peek-a-boos, and farts. His farts. I don't fart. I assure you this is true.

But I have missed my blog. I have neglected it sorely. I have also neglected all of you. Your comments AND your own blogs and I am missing them all. And quite frankly, I don't know how the serious Mommy Bloggers do it. I swear I do not. Do they strap their babies down with duct tape so that they can write?

I haven't sat down in one spot for more than three minutes in the past few days when Owen was awake and believe me- he is mostly awake.

But here it is, Friday late afternoon and it is warm and sunny and the air is soft and Mr. Moon has just gotten home and there are steaks marinating and I have sort of tidied-up and I've put the groceries away and I've almost finished my espresso because dammit, I am NOT going to fall asleep before nine tonight. I refuse! Instead of the Elmo song, I have a Jason Mraz song in my head and that is a vast improvement (although the song Elmo does with Adam Sandler is not THAT bad) and well, here I am. Grandmother Mary without the grandson and so I can be be just Mary, just Ms. Moon, just Mr. Moon's sweetie, and I really have nothing to say except hello, hello, it is wonderful to be a grandparent and there is nothing in the world like having your grandson hug you to pieces but oh, Lord, it is nice to have five minutes to sit, five minutes when your brain isn't split between your words and your boy, five minutes to contemplate the universe if that's what you want to do.

But Lily has just called to say that Owen threw up and that she, too, feels a bit nauseous and so of course, my mind is split again and Mr. Moon is telling me to come and activate my new debit card and oh, you know what?
There is no peace in this world.
Well. There may be but I don't expect to experience a whole damn lot of it in my lifetime.

Do you? I doubt it.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You do more than enough.And then some.
    But I am noticing that I do like my quiet...
    When my kids were younger I would have loved the community of blogs. But would I have ever been able to post/comment, I don't think so. Unless I had a blackberry and twittered prose from the park bench or the fort we built in the basement or while I was monitoring sidewalk chalk art sessions on the driveway for hours etc.

  2. I am neglecting my blog this weekend too because of being out on the boat.

  3. Yes! I neglect my children. But also often my blog.

    ~Hope the tummies get better :(

  4. I've been away too. Gonna try to catch up this weekend.


  5. I don't know how you do all you do. Did you make a pact with the devil so you'd have more than 24 hours in YOUR day? You are amazing, and when you're able to write your blog on top of that, it's just plain wonderful.

    Hope Lily and Owen are feeling better.

    Have a wonderful Saturday. I'm hoping to get out in the yard for a bit without freezing my tookas (sp???) off.

  6. Who do mommy bloggers do it?

    I think for me, the endless stretches of being with my kids, my mind writes posts. Notices things, awesome things. Then, it's just a matter of them napping and I can pound out a whole post in less than 10 minutes.


  7. deb- I'm with you on wishing that the blog community had been there when I was a young mother. It honestly could have made a HUGE difference in my life.

    Syd- Okay. We'll excuse you. This time.

    Jo- Tummies all fine. Thanks, love.

    Michelle- Me too. Inbetween every thing else.

    Juicy- No. I don't. I look at people like Kathleen and I feel like I might as well not even get out of bed until four in the afternoon because she gets so much more done in a day I might as well just be asleep. Isn't it beautiful today?

    Mrs. Hall- Hello! Welcome, welcome! And I understand how that could work.

  8. I don't know how they do it either. :-) I managed two posts last week! That's appalling!

    (Now it's naptime so I get some time. By the time I've caught up reading there probably won't be time to write. Ah well. He's cute though.)


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