Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chocolate Junky's Lament

Why is there no chocolate in this house?
What am I supposed to do?


  1. Don't you have a stash of chocolate chips in the freezer?

  2. I've sometimes had to resort to making hot chocolate just to get a "fix". Now I always keep a hershey bar or two stashed in the freezer. Damn, it's hartd to be a junkie.

  3. Mmmm chocolate. You have inspired me. Off to look up brownie recipe...

    (I forgot to buy chocolate/snacks at the shops so I will have to make my own as well.)

    I hope you find some chocolate soon!

  4. Kathleen Scott- No. How long would that last? A day.

    Mel's Way- Again. I eat my stash too fast.

    Mwa- Luckily Mr. Moon came home and I asked if he had any emergency chocolate and he WENT OUT TO THE CAR AND BROUGHT IN A SNICKER'S BAR! Do you have Snicker's Bars? They're not bad. Not great but not bad.

  5. I keep some dark chocolate in the pantry for just those a day? Yes, or every other...emergencies do happen!
    Of course the giant bag of chocolate chips I buy at Costco are in there too but I like to savor a bit of the dark stuff....

  6. I love Snickers bars! Remember when I was slightly addicted to them when I was pregnant? I actually made brownies yesterday. If I find the energy, I may even blog about them. Thanks for the inspiration!

    (Your husband is a star!)


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