Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Lost Post/Boston Terrier Saga

Damn it. I just wrote a whole post about the little Boston Terrier I found in my yard tonight and how I tried to find her owners but couldn't and my next-door neighbor who has THIRTEEN DOGS, many of them Boston Terriers, took her, even though she was not her dog and it was GREAT! GREAT I tell you! There was pathos and humor and description of old Southern houses and dialogue!
And Blogger lost it.
Fuck damn Blogger.
I tried to save it. I did.
But as with some souls, there was no saving.

I will just repeat this part of it- my neighbor informed me that Boston Terriers are better dogs than the kind I have.

I can't deny this truth, even though I've never owned a Boston Terrier. I am quite certain that the sort of dogs I own are inferior dogs and my feelings are not hurt at all.

And I will say that the sweet little lost Boston Terrier has been returned to her family and is safe and warm and being cherished as we speak by our assistant Post Mistress, Miss Martha, who owns her. And that it is cold and spitting hard rain as we speak here in Lloyd and I'll tell you this- I would rather own four inferior dogs than thirteen superior ones.

Damn Blogger.

Oh well. Life goes on and it's not like that time that Hemingway's wife left his entire manuscript in a cab and it was never found again. was.


Sleep well.
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Or Toni Morrison's, whose manuscript burned in a house fire.

  2. It didn't get stashed away somewhere in your.....when you click that one part in your dashboard (edit blog?)

  3. Stay warm in that freezing rain. I have had 2 boston terriers in my short life and all I know is that they are easily trained, think they are human, and the best roommates I have ever had! HA! (Blogger is a bitch sometimes, sorry we missed that dialoged post: (

  4. I sort of want one, but their eyes bug too much. Wait, that might be pugs.

  5. Elizabeth- Wouldn't you just DIE?

    Rebecca- Only part of it was saved. Not enough for me to want to go back and recreate the entire thing.

    Amber Elise- I have no doubt that they are superior dogs.

    DTG- Yes. I think those are pugs.

  6. It is cold here. Later it is supposed to ice over. I am sure that your dogs are just fine.

  7. could my day have been any longer??? just look at all your entires and it seems more like a week.
    i have gone your every word and am now content to say "goodnight moon" being current with you my darling.
    tomorrow....i will seek you out when the birds sing and i am fresh from this weary day.

    sweet dreams ms. moon....hugs from here.

  8. oh this sure made me chuckle, your "haha!" for some reason made me laugh out loud and I needed that. Rough day, Susie was admitted back into the hospital. I just got home and am cuddling with my pups. I had a BT once who was pretty superior I must say, or he thought he was anyway. I adored him. He demanded it. Sorry you lost your post but so glad the dog is back home.

  9. Perhaps it was like when Hemmingway lost his manuscript, or perhaps it was found? :)

    Good story either way, even in brief.

    I'm glad you didn't get another dog, superior or not!

  10. Why don't you swap blogger for Wordpress???? They do autosave your writing, so you only loose the last couple of sentences when it happens. Or I have this fantastic software called Macjournal that lets you write off line and then upload, with simple drag and drop to put photographs in place... You are not a beginning blogger anymore, you can handle a more mature blog platform. If I could do it you surely can do it, you are a smart cookie... You can import your whole blog spot blog into wordpress with all the comments and such. I did it with my blog and it was pretty unevenful... ;o))) I got it all up and running in a couple of hours. Without much hassle! Go for it. We need our Moon fix, and damn Blogspot if they don't deliver!

  11. I get why you stay with Blogger. Better the devil you know. I do the same, but then I'm an inferior blogger. ;-)

  12. Syd- My dogs are just fine for being INFERIOR-type dogs.

    rebecca- Good morning and I hope it's a prettier day there than it is here. My birds are quiet but I love you.

    Bethany- Oh no! What's wrong with Susie? And yes, far better to lose a post than for a dog to have lost her way home.

    Jo- I am not completely stupid. NO MORE DOGS!

    Photocat- Well, this is the only time that has ever happened. Usually things get saved just fine. I'm too lazy to switch. Blogger suits me as well as anything. I know how to manipulate it. I am, as I said, a very simple person.

    Mwa- Yes. Better the devil you know. I can never believe that English is not your mother-tongue.

  13. Hey DTG, if you want a dog, maybe you could get one from your mom??? I'll bet they're not really inferior and I don't think their eyes bug out!

  14. Yeah, no. I have the meanest cat ever spawned, and I fear she would kill any dog I brought home.

  15. Lulumarie- I do not think Hank would have a dog unless it was a bulldog and as he said- Baggy would eat even a bulldog.

    DTG- I know. You're right.

  16. That happened to me too and then I couldn't remember what I wrote. Probably better! I love you!

  17. You are sweet. It's amazing what you can still learn at fifteen if you have some ground work and talent already there. Plus - it was very much a case of "fuck a duck and learn to fly." ;-)

  18. Boston terriers are my best friends. I have had eight in my life and they all know me and my deepest secret hopes and ambitions the moment we lock bug eyes on each other. They are pure joy.

    If one was found by you then you are a mystic, magic, love woman with great hope and power. They know this and gravitate to us.

    I love your blogs and posts and found you via the Radish King who I found in one of her posts about a Boston terrier.

    Reading you.

  19. Jaye- Really? Well, my neighbor would definitely agree with you on the superiority of Boston Terriers. Thanks for finding me. Anyone who finds me via Ms. Radish King is a cherished and welcomed person.


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