Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunrise, Sunset

Is that sunrise in a vase or what?
That pink camellia and the yellow pansy. Owen brought them both in on Thursday for his Aunt May-May. I had never really thought of pink and yellow going together but of course they do.
We do have flowers now, they are just not the gaudy ones of spring but instead are the more delicate ones of winter, which is odd, when you think about it.

I swear- 99% of what I have done today is let the dogs in and out. Pearl and Buster want in right now. Here I go.


I also washed the Poodle Mutts today as well as the Yorkie and boy, did they need it. They are gorgeous now, all fluffy and sweet and Buster's ass is free of poop. I have no idea why but that dog always has poop on his butt. I had to cut it out of the butt hair and really, I do not love him that much.

I also made some chicken soup, milder than the type I usually make, for Mr. Moon. His tummy is still upset and he aches and I know he must have a flu thing even though I don't really bring that up because it would just upset him. "I'm okay," he keeps saying. But he's not moved from his chair all day except to the couch.
Jessie came over to watch an FSU basketball game with him and he loves having his baby here. She's talking about moving this summer to North Carolina, perhaps, if she and Vergil can both get jobs there and I cried a little when she told me but I know, as a mother, that my job is to raise babies to the point where they can fly out of the nest and it is not my job to keep them under my wings for my entire life.
I know that and I celebrate the fact that she's going to be adventurous and make her own nest and do new things and live in another place but I'm not going to lie- it's going to be different and it's going to be hard.
But it'll be okay.
I've gone through this before with her two oldest siblings and I survived.
And then they moved back to Tallahassee again and this week I have gotten to spend time with all of them and with my grandson, too, and I know how lucky I am to be able to have them at my fingertips, if I need them or they need me.
I know.

And so it's been a quiet day here in Lloyd at the Moon's. Soup and chickens- the things I wrote about this morning, and that news from Jessie and a few tears but also pride that this girl is doing so well, that she is making her life happen, that she is brave and growing up and hell, it's only eight hours to where she may be moving by car. Eight hours. I can do that.

I served soup to the not-really-sick guy and the baby girl about an hour ago and now I guess I'll get something for myself to eat. Either some of last night's leftovers or some of the chicken soup.
Go watch a movie with Jessie and maybe knit.

It's a quiet night and the darkness has pulled itself around my house like a shawl and it's getting colder but inside it's warm and light and there is a tiny sunrise on the little vanity in the hallway in a blue vase and Jessie is here.
The dogs are clean, they want in, they want out.

It's been a day. A quiet day. And I have waltzed quietly through it and will slip so easily down into sleep when it is over.

I will try to be funny tomorrow. I promise. Brunch with the neighborhood boys and oh- I better pull some sausage out of the freezer. I have sweet potatoes and berries and buttermilk for the pancakes and sometimes buttermilk in the refrigerator is all the promise you need for a sweeter day.

And yesterday I realized that sweet potatoes are one of the few foods that can be as delicious savory as sweet and I'll leave you with that one.
Don't forget the sweet potato. It is our friend.

And is the color of sunrise, orange and gold, all at once.

And delicious and full of fiber and Vitamin A.

Nature knows what she is doing, even if we don't.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. i hope mr. moon feels better soon. chicken soup can do wonders for a body.


  2. the darkness pulling around like a shawl.
    love that .

    sending healing to Mr.Moon.

  3. i love owen's bouquet.
    clean dogs and soup sounds very satisying to me.
    i have clean laundry, a clean bathroom and i walked on the treadmill.
    hope your man and daughter feel better soon.
    you are a good mama, it's wonderful that jessie can live her life so well.
    my mother never taught me how to do that, how to move forward and risk and BE.

  4. Sounds like a peaceful day. I like that. Leaving home is a rite of passage but home will always be where the heart is.

  5. A quiet day, you say Ms Moon, but you fill it with so much, especially starting with that pansy 'sunrise in a vase'. It's enough to lift the most flagging of spirits. thanks.

  6. I saw some camellias today in bloom on my neighbor's tree, and I thought of you. That's how much you're in my thoughts, Ms. Moon.

  7. Sweet potatoes are amazing! One winter I frequently baked them whole, and my dog would watch the oven the whole time as nothing in the world tastes better than baked sweet potatoes, even without all the added stuff.

    And while she never ever peed or pooed in the house after the age of seven weeks (she was a Wunderkind, I'm not bragging), even if she did I loved her enough to share my sweet potatoes. But, she was only one, not a whole posse.

    And I am still pondering your "oh my" comment on my blog.

  8. I have never cooked sweet potato. Don't even know if they sell it in our shop.

    The Jessie moving perhaps thing - I know it's all about letting them go, but it's a long way from at your breast to eight hours away. And yet, the pride is the correct response. You are the best mama.

  9. Mrs. A- Well, in this case it made him puke. Darn. But then he felt much better.

    deb- Thank-you. He is feeling not so bad today.

    Bethany- I think that the older I got the better I got at being more relaxed about my kids. That helped a lot. Maybe I was just too worn out to really get excited about things.

    Syd- That's the damn truth.

    Elizabeth- It is a tiny bit of cheer, isn't it?

    NOLA- My dogs are obviously not Wunderkinds or any kind. But that "oh my" was in response to, well, you know. The L word. And I am not talking Lesbian in this case.

    Mwa- Oh Lord. No. I am not the best mama but you are right about breast to eight hours away and it seems like it took about eight hours to get to this point.
    You know, I don't think I could live anywhere where sweet potatoes could not be grown, much less sold.

  10. Those are some pretty flowers!

    I hope Mr. Moon feels better soon. Lucky for him, he has you to nurse him.

  11. I am the world's worst at thinking a comment but not writing it. I meant to tell you I paint oodles of pink and yellow butterflies and flowers on faces. And green and purple. Maybe not colors that occur naturally in butterflies but the kiddies love them!

    Poor Mr. Moon. Of course, NOW I know he is a bit better but I meant to comment yesterday.


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