Thursday, January 6, 2011


Something traumatic has happened to my hens, I think although I can see no wounds or missing feathers. They will not leave the hen house or even go into the run and their rooster cannot seem to lure them out.

Was it hawk or fox or dog or coyote or eagle?

I do not know but it must have been something.

Even I, occasionally, will leave the house for food.


  1. Think it has anything to do with all the birds falling from the sky in Arkansas and now Kentucky and Louisiana?

  2. The birds fell out of the sky because of professional grade fireworks. They figured it out.

    Do you have earthquakes in Florida?

  3. I just had a realisation moment.

    You need a chicken-cam!

    And you could have a live feed on the blog, 24/7.

    Then we could see chicken drama unfold, and there would be no more mysteries! And the people in Europe would be keeping an eye on it while you sleep!

    No, no need to thank me, it's a gift, I know...

  4. Bethany- I know! I finally took them some water and food.
    I wish they would come out, though.

    Rebecca- No. The wild birds are greatly abundant in my yard right now.

    Elizabeth- Strangely, we do have very minor ones sometimes.
    Do you think that could be it?

    Jo- I can only imagine the number of hits I'd get a day with a chicken cam. You are brilliant!

  5. I love Jo's chicken cam idea!

  6. If you had chicken-cam I would be an even more compulsive refresher of your blog than I already am.

    P.S. - the word verification (gandu) means something very rude in Punjabi.

  7. I'm so into the idea of a chicken cam. One of dad's deer cameras?

  8. NOLA- And I thought I was the only one fascinated by chickens.

    Amna- Not my fault! I swear!

    DTG- Yeah. Okay. Sure. I'll do another one on paint drying. If I ever paint anything, which is doubtful. Are you home today or at work? How was the show?

  9. I hope that they will get over their trauma. Chicken cam--gotta love that.

  10. I hope the hens come out soon. I saw someone mentioned a chicken cam, and I do know one little boy that would watch it. Kyle loves chickens ever since he met some at his grandparent's farm. He calls them "bok boks" and thinks they are pretty cool. Anyway I just thought I would let you know and I hope the new year is going well. Take care.

  11. Told ya :)

    What does gandu mean, Amna??

  12. Um. It's a slur for a gay man. That contains a slang word for a body part in it. And that's all I have to say about that.

  13. Um. It's a slur for a gay man. That contains a slang word for a body part in it. And that's all I have to say about that.

  14. The chickens are devil chickens and the dog ate an egg and got the demon in him and it's glowing rotting green out of his evil evil eyes. Trust me. I know about possessessed animals. I can tell there's something bad wrong with that word but I can't seem to fix it.

  15. Syd- Yes. We could watch them sit all day long. Bless their hearts.

    Jo- Yes. You ARE the smart one.

    Amna- Well. Now we know.
    Thank-you for the edification.

    Radish King- You may be right but my chickens have always been so sweet. Their eggs are green, though. I think your possessed was possessed with esses.

  16. Laughing out loud at RK's comment and your response ~ too many esses indeed!

  17. I'll bet it was a damn SNAKE. You know how I feel about them. I'd damn well starve to death before I'd go outside if I saw a snake out there in the yard. SHIVER.


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