Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Breakfast Anytime

So we got up to Thomasville and it seems that we had the wrong day. The appointment is for tomorrow. Kathleen is feeling as if she is not being competent by getting that wrong but I told her to call any doctor's office in the world and see how often (every day) that happens.

After we left the hospital, we did what any intelligent couple of women would do in that situation and went to the Waffle House and had breakfast.

They are now serving "Texas" biscuits at the Waffle House. "What are Texas biscuits?" I mused, looking at the menu.
"I don't know, but I'm getting one," Kathleen said.

We both ordered the Texas biscuits. When they came I said, "I guess Texas biscuits are just bigger."

The waitress, who looked to me as if life has disappointed her on every level and continues to do so up to this very second said, "I don't know why they call 'em that. They're just regular biscuits."
She was quite disdainful as if this false labeling of a bread product was just one more disappointment in her life.

After we paid our bill and were leaving I said to Kathleen, "I am so full. Next time I'm going to see if I can order a Florida biscuit."

Okay. It wasn't that funny. A lot of things aren't that funny but you didn't even have to pay for that one.

Owen is coming in about three hours. I could clean and finish laundry and have, in fact, started laundry and scrubbed two toilets and cleaned various mirrors. However, I believe I should adopt the mommy-policy which I always advise mothers of young children to follow which is to sleep whenever you can.

I am not the mommy of a young child but I am the grandmommy of one and that's close enough. He and Lily are "moving in" tonight and will be staying through Friday evening due to Lily's schedule. I am so excited!

However, I believe I will now go nap in order to sleep off this Texas biscuit and in order to prepare for the fun and frolic which will be following shortly.

Did you need to know all of this?
No you did not.
But at least if you go to the Waffle House now and see Texas Biscuit on the menu, you will know what to expect. A very large, regular biscuit most likely served by a disappointed and disdainful waitress.

And let me add that the hash browns were, as always, quite fine.


  1. I love hash browns!

    My ass would be disappointed if I worked at the damn Waffle House, too. Bunch of lousy bad-tipping old-fart men to wait on for the most part.

    Love you. Have a good nappy. I love nappies.

  2. OMG how you made me laugh! Texas biscuits and then your comment of getting Florida biscuits! Oh golly I needed that laugh so very bad. Once again Mary you brightened my morning.

    Wrong dates and times...been there done that. Too bad they couldn't take her today anyway.

  3. California biscuits would probably be gluten free. I'll take a Texas biscuit. I like my carbs big.

  4. Did you have a stronger coffee too?
    I need strong coffee today.

    a nap does sound better though.

  5. I like that you post about random crap. Not saying what you write is crap, but that I'm empty of a suitable adjective right now.

    Sorry. I sort of feel like that waitress today.

    Oh yes, did you make stronger coffee?

  6. When I was 10 we went to a Waffle House to eat. We were very poor and NEVER EVER ate at restaurants, so this was a BIG DEAL. I saw on the table a small scoop of ice cream - a single serving - and declared it to be mine! ALL MINE! Of course the other siblings complained, my mother should've been upset but instead announced that no, since I obviously needed it so bad as to be rude and grabby, I could have it. It wasn't ice cream at all. It was whipped butter. Learned that lesson.

  7. The last time I ate at a Waffle House I got some kind of food poisoning and ended up throwing up all night. It wasn't a Waffle House here though so maybe I should give them another try. How exciting that your daughter and grandson are moving in for a couple of days! I'm moving in with my daughter and grandchildren next week while my son-in-law is out of town and am really looking forward to it. Oh and tell Kathleen that I have done that exact same thing with doctor's appointments before.

  8. We have no Waffle House. We hve no IHOP. We have no Cheesecake Factory :(

  9. SB, nappies in Ireland and England are diapers.

  10. I like Waffle House--a great cross-section of Americana if ever there was one. Well, minus the multi-millionaires which probably would not even go to a WF, if they were starving.

  11. Sleep off that Texas biscuit!!? Oh how I love you Ms. Moon! One day I too with sleep it off instead of worrying about my young ass and working it off, That is my hope anyway ; ).
    Enjoy your babies being with you, magical memories to be made.

  12. Scattered, Smothered, and Covered please.

  13. that is very funny.
    the only way I like any biscuit with with too much butter and a large slather of honey. so a Texas biscuit would definitely be best, but disabling.

  14. Here I was thinking I missed sending you and Kathleen good vibes for your doctor visit, but I see I got a reprieve. So sending good thoughts to you both NOW. For you as you recuperate from the Texas Biscuit, and to Kathleen for good results tomorrow.

    Oh what Joy to have the daughter and the O-Boy en casa! Lap up every last second.

    x0 N2

  15. Oh Mama! I just caught up on your last three posts (what have I been doing?!) and all of them made me laugh. Out loud. I am so lucky that I get to read your writings everyday. Really, they (and you) make my life happy. I love you a million.

  16. You just described every Waffle House waitress I ever met...well except for one who was overly happy even as the place was going to hell around her. She may have been clinically insane.
    We have no Waffle Houses in MN, but whenever we head south, we always eat there at least once. I love how every surface including windows are covered with grease.

  17. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Seriously on the Waffle House waitress thing. It's not really what most people would aspire to be when they grow up.

    Ellen- They said that if they had the dose and time, they would have taken her. And we've all done that- gotten an appointment day wrong. I know I have.

    Stephanie- Gluten-free. That cracked me up.

    deb- I had more coffee AND a nap. Then an espresso. Am I crazy?

    Perovskia- Random Crap Queen. That is me. Yes. I got stronger coffee and all was well.

    Phoenix Rising- Thank-you for coming by and welcome! What a great Waffle House story. We didn't eat out much when I was young either unless my grandparents were paying.

    Lois- Isn't being a grandmother just the best?
    And yeah- give the Waffle House another try. It's our heritage as Southerners to eat at the Waffle House!
    I'll pass the message on to Kathleen.

    Jo- How do you bear it?

    Syd- If I was a multimillionaire and wanted some damn breakfast, I'd go to the Waffle House.

    Amber Elise- Honey, eventually you just get tired. One day you'll be this tired too.

    Magnum- Now I'm hungry again.

    Maggie May- I would PAY good money to make you laugh. I mean it.

    Laura- I reached around the counter and grabbed the honey at the Waffle House and proceeded to get honey everywhere.
    It was awesome!

    N2- I AM!

    May- I. Love. You. So. Much.

    Mel's Way- Clinically insane? Haha! The Waffle House we ate at today is relatively new and hasn't had time to accumulate too much grease yet. Give it time.

  18. Your description of that waitress is awesome.

    I love biscuits -- any kind. With honey and butter. Or syrup and butter. Or ham. Or nothing at all.

  19. I so thank you for this public service announcement. I have only found Waffle House's biscuits to be disappointing, and I don't need a HUGE disappointment when I come back Southern Stateside.

    I shall stick to their pecan waffles and hashbrowns, which are so not disappointing.

  20. Jo,
    I realized that when I typed it. I lived in Wolverhampton for a summer. I am pretty familiar with Brit talk. Laugh.


  21. I've never had biscuit. Don't even know what it is. Well, I've had British biscuits, but I think you'd call them cookies. And biscuit over here is more like a soft spunge cake, and pronounced the French way. You also did not need to know that, but there it is.


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