Saturday, January 1, 2011

Terry Joy Says....

Here's the best advice I've heard this New Years. It comes from my aptly named friend, Terry Joy. I am ripping her off! But do yourself a favor and go read the entire post.
Honestly, this is just the sort of New Year's resolution I find entirely sensible.

And it charms me almost as much as Ms. Joy does.

Here's some advice I am going to take and you can too, if you want.

Drink alot of water, Pee alot (it keeps the bad stuff on the outside), Don't over-react to stuff, and the best one...If it feels like the end of the world, and at the time I am sure it does, really isn't. You will know when it is really the end of the world because it will be.


  1. Amen to that. I have not peed enough today. Will go drink some tea now.

  2. Love it. that's some advice I needed to hear/read/whatever : ).

  3. This is perfect. But does it have to be water? I have a perfectly good bottle of red wine ready to go.

  4. Syd- See? We nurses know what's what.

    Amber Elise- Glad I got offer it via Terry.

    Radish King- Terry would approve, I am sure.

  5. that last part made me giggle

    off to read the whole post


  6. Michelle- Terry is a wise woman.

  7. Very true. Must go get drink.

  8. Good stuff here. I think Terry Joy should actually be called Terry SMART.


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