Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Creatures We Share Our Lives With

I just went to tidy up the guest room in preparation for Kathleen's coming to stay tomorrow night and I opened the top drawer of the dresser in there to put away a piece of flannel which I did not use in Waylon's quilt and a small, brindle-colored mouse scooted down to hide from me.
"Oh my god!" I said and he probably said the same, only in whatever language a mouse uses.
It was like finding a small pet I did not know I had instead of finding a pest, a rodent, a vermin.
I closed the drawer, not wanting to intrude upon his or her privacy. Not wanting to scare him or her to death.
"I am so glad," I thought, "That it is Kathleen coming to stay."

She will understand.

I really sort of want to go and pick that mouse up and stroke it but I know it would not be fair. I am way too large and it is way too small and yet, its tiny ears were so dear.


  1. How wonderful this post, mice are amazing and tenacious little creatures with as you say, dear little ears!

    Thank you for the smile and warmth in my heart!

  2. Aw, don't let Buster get him. The flannel drawer is probably heaven for a mouse.

  3. I am definitely not a mouse person.

    Not long after I moved into my house I had a mouse plague in the kitchen and one night I opened my cutlery drawer and one leapt over my hand, scuttled across the bench and disappeared behind the stove.

    Ugh. I still shudder, thinking about it.

  4. That was meant to say 'Agnes' but I slipped!

  5. I love mice. My sister and I used to catch shrews on the farm and make little homes for them.

  6. i love the new header pic!!

    hm..for the mouse..sigh*

    better get rid of it..where there is one soon there will be a million..and they are incontinend:-/..means..they pee and poo wherever they run and sit..:-(..the will bite holes in everything that you love in your bring that little feller in the garden..or..uhm...well..wherever a mouse would like to be outised of the house

  7. The language that mice usually converse in is Meeseespeekish, sometimes erroneously referred to as Meeseesqueekish.
    This is a lovely post.

    Have a great year, Boonie

  8. A mouse, keeping warm and safe in a drawer. Lovely.

  9. It's lovely when there's one... and then there's more and more and more andmore and more... and everyting smells of mouse pee forever :(

    And bringing them in the garden doesn't work, you have to bring them more than a mile away or they find their way back, sadly.

  10. Heartwarming to read... Give me a mouse over any spider. I would shreek for spiders but not for mice.
    Glad you did not kill it on the spot. Nice bit of reading!

  11. I feel the same way about one mouse but when I see more than one I get nervous and not so comfortable sharing my house.

  12. You left it in the drawer??? You are so lovely and completely impractical in this (as I'm sure you know). Are you just waiting for Mr Moon to take it outside to be snake food?

  13. Gabriella- I am glad to have warmed your heart.

    DYG- Too much damn Hunka Munka!

    Agnes- I do understand.

    Lora- I just adore you.

    Lisa- Theoretically.

    Danielle- I know. You are right. Absolutely.

    Boonie- Oh. That just charmed the hell out of me.
    Thank you.

    Elisabeth- Until she gives birth in the flannel...

    Jo- Oh honey. There are so many that taking them a hundred miles away probably wouldn't help much. But you're right.

    Photocat- I don't mind spiders at all. Isn't that odd?

    Bethany- Hell, honey. I KNOW I am sharing my house with so many critters.

    Mwa- YES!

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- No kidding.

  14. A mouse in the house would not last here. Evil Seed, the Siamese, is a killer of all creatures smaller than her. Thanks for your post on critters. Little mouse ears are cute.

  15. I would have left him there undisturbed too. Thank you Ms. Moon.


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