Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'll Put On Some Silver

Oh man. She is knocking me out.
The wait was worth it.


  1. The overcast clouds here parted wonderfully to frame the gorgeous full moon tonight.
    The full wolf moon.
    You wear the silver; I'll bring the garlic. Oh wait, that is not for wolves.
    P.S. I didn't like the Gilbert book and I had so skim thru the section on India. Too much free time, that one.

  2. Michele R- Too much free time. Yes. Well, we can all gaze in wonder at the full moon, no matter where we are, if the clouds do part.

  3. blessed be the children...who said 'look at the full moon' before i dismissed them, saying it may be CLOSE to full.

    i am willing to admitt it when i am wrong....


  4. The wolf moon is gorgeous. What a photo. "I'll put on some silver" reminds me of a Joni Mitchell song.

  5. Awesome. Mine is hazy but lovely still. But yours is just stunning.

  6. Michele R- I don't think any of us really liked that book. Hmmm...

    Syd- Yeah. I stole it from Joni but I thought every one would realize that.
    You did, you smart boy!

    Amber- Pretty awesome, huh?

    Laura- Be patient. She's coming.

    Mel- Mr. Moon is right. I should use the tripod.

  7. what kind of camera are you using???

    (as i sing joni's song, probably until i go to bed!)

  8. SUCH a great view of her tonight in Oregon, too! I had to pull-over on my drive home from work to gawk.

  9. When I left work the moon was still low on the horizon. It was a golden orange and looked huge. Stunning indeed.

  10. I saw that too last night here in France...amazing full moon so bright it was hard to look at directly...

  11. GORGEOUS photo and one of my very favorite Joni songs...thanks for both...

    "Come on down to the Mermaid Cafe
    and I'll buy you a bottle of wine
    And we'll laugh and toast to nothing
    And smash our empty glasses down!"

  12. I wish I could take pictures of the moon that look like that! I guess I need to practice.

  13. Adrienne- Me too. And I am FREQUENTLY wrong.

    Ms. Fleur- Did you go outside and look at it?

    rebecca- Canon Powershot 2XIS or something like that.

    notjustafemme- The moon does invite gawking, doesn't she? I think she likes it.

    Mel's Way- I love it when that happens. I call it a Tortilla Moon.

    Screamish- And isn't that cool?

    Lulumarie- Dear Joni. We will always love her, won't we?

    Lois- My arms get so tired trying to hold them still!

  14. *smiles* I love the moon (and all that she governs). Thanks for this. A fantastic photo.


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