Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ride 'Em, Cowboy Owen

I swear to you, I will not be posting any more Cowboy Owen movies unless...
Well. I'll try not to.
But you have to watch the entire thing, all of it, to get to the grand finale.

Yes. Owen likes his horse. And yes, those horses are magic.


  1. nap time?

    owen is so in touch with all the passing phases of his mood. love!

  2. Did he just give himself whiplash? I think you're going to have to sue the manufacturer.

  3. I get like that at the end too. Giddyup!

  4. The drama!

    I LOVE the teasing look he gives you at first before gettin his gallop on. Hilarious.

    Oh no, Grandmother, I couldn't possibly. . . yeehaw!

  5. Hi Ho Silver! Away! So cute. Hope he slept well today. You too!

  6. Oh my goodness, that boy is so freakin' cute. I love it.

  7. How did that horse NOT flip over! lol

  8. Bliss!!!!

    Gosh he makes one swoon, eh?
    Or maybe that was your voice. ;-)
    I'm sitting her with a huge grin, just smiling away at both of you.
    All of you, the magical come to life horse too.

  9. Did he get bonked by the horse or something? Wow, he looked to be riding good and then an emotional break out. The mysteries of kids.

  10. Keep on posting them, they are truly adorable, and a joy to see! Hey, when a baby needs a nap, a baby needs a nap! : )

  11. PLEASE don't stop posting the magical horse videos...
    I love the way he stops and sighs when you started asking him if he could do some crazy riding hahaha

  12. I'd put some weights on the bottom of the horse frame (or anchor it to the floor somehow). I'd also put a helmet on the kid plus a seat belt and therefore dilute the entire experience, but that's just me...


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