Monday, January 3, 2011

Not The Day We Planned, But A Good One

We got up to Thomasville in good time and did not have to wait long. Just long enough for me to cast on 88 stitches for the next part of the poncho I am working on and for Kathleen to get around the knitting device a few rows and to strike up a conversation with two other ladies who were waiting. In the oncology center in Thomasville, everything is so nice and everyone is so thoughtful. There are Sara Lee pastries and a microwave and coffee and hot water in the waiting area and comfortable seats and tables, too. We were sitting at one of the tables and the ladies were sitting next to us at a nearby table. We started out talking about knitting but soon got around to cancer. One of those ladies has colon cancer and she is doing very, very well with her treatment and is absolutely thrilled about her progress and the fact that she never lost her hair and how well she feels. It was a good conversation until she said, "I give all credit to the Lord."
And there was dead silence from our table. I did not even look up from my knitting.
She went on, "The doctors are doing what they do but the Lord is doing the rest."
I wanted so much to say, "So, if you had gotten this cancer oh, twenty years ago when the doctors didn't have the tools and medications they have now, what would the Lord have done then?"
But of course I did not.
I guess she realized by that time that we were a pair of heathens and she went on to talk of something else and we joined back in and all was well but then once more, she just HAD to bring up THE LORD and how much he has done for her and again, there was silence.
Bless her heart. She was witnessing to two people who just were not going to go there with her, no matter how nice we appeared to be.
It was awkward, in a small way.

They called us back and the nurse asked Kathleen all the questions and then the doctor came in and he sat down and scooted over to where he was practically in our laps, the way he does, and he asked some more questions and then he told Kathleen that her platelets were not numerous enough to do treatment today but not to worry, they would be fine in a week and then he showed us some of her bloodwork where one of the markers for tumors is markedly decreased and that cheered us so.

I gathered my courage today, after that good news, and asked Dr. M. if he would mind if I took his picture to put on my blog and he said I could. Then he posed for me.

Did I tell you he looks like Antonio Banderas? I swear. Only probably cuter. He knows it too but that's okay. Being so darn handsome just makes him that much more cheerful. How can he not be cheerful, getting up every morning to see that face staring back at him from the mirror?
And I suppose you notice that he is emitting white light around his head.
Yes. We do love Dr. M. He is handsome, smart, sweet, funny, caring, personable, AND obviously holy.

Sort of like The Lord, only real.

So Kathleen and I went to downtown Thomasville and had coffee and tea there and then walked around an antique store for what felt like three or four months. It's a BIG place. We each bought a pair of overalls. They aren't antique, but they only cost five bucks. So we were happy.
Here's a picture of Kathleen talking on the phone to Judy while sitting in an extremely interesting chair next to its mate.

Picasso chairs! And quite comfortable!
I would not mind owning them.

But here's what I found that I really want:

I don't just want it. I NEED it for Owen. Perfect condition. A beauty. Those springs are so strong I could probably ride that horse. I am sending Mr. Moon up for it ASAP.
Owen is going to need a horse like that to ride the plains of his imagination on and to get out some of that wild boy energy. I had a horse like that and I loved it. Oh man. That horse was my favorite thing for many years.
Yeah. We need that horse.

After we bought our overalls, we walked down to the Mexican restaurant for lunch and it was mighty tasty and just fine and then we drove home through the beautiful day and oh! When we pulled up at the oncology center, there was an entire flock of bluebirds. What? Yes. Blue, blue, bluebirds, and we stared in wonder for quite a while before we went in.

Yes. A good day. Some cheering news, some shopping in a sweet old town, a good lunch, and now home.

A day of small miracles, I suppose, and Michelle wrote about that here today.
Good bloodwork in one sense, bluebirds, a smart, cheerful doctor, a beautiful small southern town to walk around in and shop in and friendly people everywhere.

And my friend and I had plenty of time to talk and visit about things both serious and profound and silly and playful.

A very good day and just being in it is a wonderful thing and the light is falling through the magnolia leaves and the roosters are crowing because they are alive and the redwing blackbirds are not dropping dead out of the sky but are singing their sweet, liquid, melodious sounds and here I am, here I am and I am so glad to be and I doubt I would be feeling one bit more blessed if I believed in the Lord.
I seriously doubt it but if it makes others happier, I am fine with that.
I will give my praise to science and to smart doctors and to the very real and honest strength and glory of Kathleen and her soul, her outlook, her innate joy and her will.


  1. Although mine are getting a bit too old for a horse like that, I still want one for them.

  2. Our horse like that was used and used until it was just a used up lump of dog chewed plastic in the back yard, completely lacking in frame or springs. Remember that?

  3. Yes. I had a horse like that too. Could be among the most fun of my life. Yeehaw! Called him Champ even though his name was Charger.

  4. Well, I called on the lord today and he/she didn't answer. You know how that goes.

  5. "Sort of like The Lord, only real."

    That killed me :)

    Yeehaw, Owen.

  6. That horse is too cool, but is that a wringer washing machine I spy behind and to the left of Kathleen??? WOW, it looks in mint condition ~ I haven't seen one of those in probably 40 years. I love the look of those things but sure am glad I don't have to use one. My great-aunt had one and I was always mesmerized by it as a child. That looks like a great antique store!

  7. Well.

    Yesterday my husband told me he'd just read that Alzheimer's patients with cancer are 40% more likely to recover than people without Alzheimer's.

    Which suggests that it is the stress of having a terminal disease that makes it more terminal - I suppose the Alzeimer's patients don't think about dying and being ill in the way other people do.

    Perhaps trusting in the Lord (THE LORD!) creates a similar peace of mind.

  8. If she believes in God, then who is it hurting? If it makes HER feel better, then good for her.

  9. Kathleen and Dr Banderas are both emitting a holy glow.

    Miracles abound


  10. Sounds like a full and complete day.

    So happy about the shrinking tumors! woo hoo!

    Why would the black birds be falling dead from the sky? I'm a little dull and I'm not sure I get that...

    BUT, I'm happy for your day of adventure and good news and found treasures.

  11. today was my infusion day. i am just now home. it is dark, and i am feeling...darker.
    love the light glow from your heart...transporting itself into all you touch.

    i know i should feel encouraged too, but today my life feels like a wrecking ball.

  12. How fabulous! So glad Kathleen's news was good. And you both had a good day.

    And you were both so good not to tell that colon cancer patient you're welcome--because you're the Lord, we're all Jesus and so are the bluebirds outside.

  13. That Horse! We had that horse for my two oldest grandsons when they were just Owen's age..they would ride and ride..and Jesse made up a song he would sing.."I'm an old cowboy and I love my horse.." it was great. You will Love it!

  14. Rebecca- I wish I had one big enough for me.

    DTG- And then we got another one for Lily and Jessie. Remember? And then Flo's Max got it. Those horses are worth their salt and hay.

    Ms. Trouble- Good name!

    Elizabeth- As I said- we do what we must, we call out for whomever may answer. I would have done the same. Believe me.

    Stephanie- I am sure I have offended many.

    Lulumarie- When y'all come visit, we'll go up there. It's a very good store.

    Kori- Exactly!

    Michelle- I think that light may be the reflection off of Dr. Banderas's slicked-back hair. Whatever. It's reassuring.

    Lisa- And amen to you, baby!

    Ms. Fleur- A whole bunch of blackbirds fell dead from the sky in Arkansas. Yesterday? Maybe.

    rebecca- And when that is the truth, that is the truth. I wish I were there, holding your hand.
    We would be very quiet.

    Kathleen Scott- I actually thought of that line from Stranger In A Strange Land: Thou Are God.
    She wouldn't have gotten it.

    Sally Moon- Yep. I have to send Mr. Moon up there to GET THE HORSE!

  15. I used to have a horse just like that! Amazing. I would do all kinds of great feats just like in the westerns on TV while riding that horse. Add in my cap pistol and I was a hero in my own mind. Maybe I still am...

  16. Yes, send Mr. moon quick to get that horse. They don't make them like that anymore. I really wish I still had the one I had as a child. Unfortunately it was lost in a house fire...but not our house thankfully.

    Kathleen looks great and I'm happy you had such a great day.
    I wonder if those ladies are still clucking about the heathens they encountered today. Maybe they're praying for your immortal souls right now. :)

  17. I love this writing and the line Steph loved too. It was just brilliant and hilarious.

    That horse, yes, please get it soon. I can't wait to see Owen riding into the horizon on it.

    I just read your comment about my blog dilemna and it made me so happy. Feel much less distressed and alone about it. Thank you.
    It's mostly because I'm feeling so exposed at work. So I might need to just start up a new Bloom elsewhere. I'll let you know. You're so good to me.

    Thank you.

    Great photos. Those chairs are crazy! Kathleen is gorgeous.

  18. Do you watch The Big C, which stars Laura Linney, on Showtime? That doctor looks like the cute cancer doctor on that show.

    You and Kathleen. Now that's true beauty.

  19. Oooh, I had a horse like that, and little red cowboy boots - man did I love those things.
    So glad for your nice day, here's to many many more just like it!

  20. Here's the thing. I believe. And I ask the Lord for health. And I ask the doctors for health, too. And so far neither doctors nor God are granting it to me. So the problem I have is not that people give thanks to the Lord and believe when things are good. That's easy. It's when everything is crap and you still hang on to faith. That means something to me. And I wonder if that woman who was rejoicing in her own health was sensitive to the health (or lack of it) in the lives of the women around her?

    I think you and Kathleen were very gracious. And I hope you got that elegant horse for Owen. And I wouldn't mind having a doctor with a halo, myself...

  21. Syd- Yes. We are all legends in our own minds.
    I did the same on my horse. It was magnificent!

    Mel's Way- I think they probably went to Walmart and bought knitting devices like the one Kathleen has.
    We may be heathens but they sure liked our knitting.

    Bethany- You know I'm here in whatever small way I can be. Love you, darling. And yes, Kathleen looks beautiful. Did you see that hair?

    Angella- I haven't seen that show. Maybe I should but right now, I just feel like I have enough cancer in my life. Kathleen and I are pretty cute. At least we think we are.

    tiffany- I have red cowgirl boots NOW! I haven't worn them all damn winter, either. What is wrong with me?

    Leslie- Well, bless you. I just don't have faith. Never have. Probably never will. I mean, I have faith that the sun will come up, that the flowers will bloom. That sort of faith. But for the life of me I just don't understand what it does for people. Some people pray and get better and other people pray just as fervently and sincerely and have just as much faith and do not. And then we say, "Well, we don't know God's plan."
    And I'm like, "No kidding."
    But if it gives you strength to have faith, if it makes you less anxious, more at peace, then I am glad you have it. I wish that medical science would catch up and be able to help you. I hate for anyone to suffer. Hate it.

  22. I love this line: Sort of like The Lord, only real.

    It made me laugh. Thank you. I adore you from afar, but I wish it were from ashort. One of these days. . . .

    When Lord-lovers like that lady say shit like that, they don't realize they are implying that THE LORD does NOT evidently love the person who is unable to beat cancer. BULLSHIT. THE UNIVERSE IS RANDOM, unless you are a damn simpleton.

  23. congratulations to both you and Kathleen with your treasures, and I am of course so narrow minded :) that I'1m thinking of your overalls ! and if you take a look on this link, you will probably understand what I mean with the special inherent power of old overalls ! looking forward to go to SF and find new old overalls for myself happy new year, niels

  24. and I forgot the link

  25. OMG! The spring horse, I am so excited for Owen, Jackson got one this Christmas (although it isn't so awesomely "original" looking) and he is adorable with it. I can't Wait for Owen to enjoy this! You must post pictures.

  26. Both the doctor and Kathleen are looking gorgeous! I bet just going to see a man like that every week would be healing in itself.

  27. You are a great friend, Ms. Moon. A one in a million sort of friend.


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