Monday, January 17, 2011

I woke up this morning to the sound of those little gray cat paws tap, tap, tapping on the tin roof over my bathroom and thought, "Now who said it could RAIN?"
Once again no one asked MY permission, no they did not, and it's raining and my bones ache and well, too bad.

It's the day we celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday and as with all Famous People's Birthday Celebrations it has mostly come down to the fact that the banks and libraries are closed which is sad but what are you going to do? If we all just took a second, or maybe thirty of them, and thought about what this particular Famous Person's life has meant to all of us, it would be a good thing.
Our country is far better off for the fact that he was born and lived and worked so hard to just get a little justice, a little dignity.
He changed the world. Yes he did.

I am not changing the world today. You can count on that.
I'm just going to take Kathleen up to Thomasville and hopefully wait while she gets her chemo. Bring her home and make whatever she wants to eat and tuck her up in the Panther Room where the sheets are clean and cozy.

Rain, rain, rain, and usually I love it but today I could live without it, those wet gray paws, tap, tap, tapping. Selfishly, I could.

Well, some things you cannot change and the rain is most definitely one of them.
The birds, undeterred, eat at the feeder, life goes on, soggy and damp though it may be and we may not dance through it today or fly, either, but slog and sometimes slogging is what we must do.
All we can do.

And light the lights inside and be gentle to ourselves and let the rain outside fall as it must and accept it for what it is because that is all we can do, maybe not change the world but tomorrow, maybe we will.


  1. Good morning.
    I know just what you mean about the Monday holidays, I am always so thrilled to have a day off from the library, I have to force myself to take some moments and remember why I'm not working today, who or what we are hororing. Today's a big one. I hope I get to watch his dream speech somewhere and honor him properly and cry a bit for all of it, how far we've come, how so not far enough.

    I will never change the world.
    But I hope I can wake up one of these days and do what you wrote at the end be gentle and accept the rain.

    Good luck today.

  2. I didn't know it was going to rain today, but it sure made some good sleeping weather. Not having to go to work today gave me an excuse to sleep in, which I really needed. My grandkids stayed with me this past week and I was exhausted when they went home yesterday. Now it is way to quiet in my house!

  3. Oh Ms Moon

    You ARE changing the world today. You change the world everyday.

    You will take care of Kathleen and the love you emit as you laugh with her and feed her and tuck her in to the sheets you cleaned for her will go out and it will



  4. Raining here too, for three damn days now... It's my birthday and all I wish for is a little sunshine, is that too much to ask?!
    Thinking of y'all as you make your way up to Thomasville...

  5. Yes, some days we slog. And rain is so good when we can stay inside and sit under a cozy blanket and sip tea and read a good book. But not good to drive in... I've been away from blogging, caring for my mama who's been ill and in hospital and then home and weak. Good to get back here and read your homely words.

    And loving a friend, being there for her, is life-changing. Hence, world-changing.

  6. I would rather the rain than the dense fog we have.
    I do like your metaphor:
    "the sound of those little gray cat paws tap, tap, tapping on the tin roof"
    Shall be thinking good thoughts today for Kathleen.
    MLK...such words he well as the delivery of his words...the impact still with us.

  7. Ms. Moon, you change my life every single day just by being in it. You tell me to be gentle with myself and to let the rain fall and that tomorrow will be another day, and you change my life. love to you and to Kathleeen.

  8. We all change the world a little, hopefully for the best. And you do that, for me and your family and your friends and all who come and read here.

  9. Ah, my dear Ms. Moon.....your other followers have said it all, but I must add my voice to the chorus.

    I can't vouch for your changing the world, but you make my life brighter and more livable every damned day with every word you utter and even just knowing you are there..... and that is really something you can be proud of....hardly anybody else can do THAT.

  10. what is 'the world' ? made up of one element at a time. like Kathleen. who you are loving today. and changing the world.

  11. It rained here but was still a good day. We did not make the beach fire but relaxed inside the boat. Nice to have a day to laze around.

  12. I'll just add my voice here to proclaim that hell, yes, you're changing the world. You have for me and, apparently, a whole lot of people.

  13. Bethany- You might be surprised at how you change the world. You might just be.

    Lois- Oh hell yes. Grandchildren are the best and yet, they can certainly wear you out. I hope you got lots of sleep today.

    Michelle- And you- you change the world every day. I know you do so don't argue with me. I love you.

    tiffany- Well, whatever day it happened to be, weatherwise, I wish you the happiest of birthdays sweet girl.

    Leslie- I hope your mama is okay. Now rest if you can.

    Ellen- It is still raining here, a tiny bit and there is fog too. This too, shall pass and the green things will all be the better for it.

    Angella- We feel your love. And you change my life, too. Thank-you.

    Mwa- Same-same. Love you, honey.

    Lo- Really? My heart is thankful for those words. You have no idea.

    Maggie May- And you, as you kiss your babies, as you love them all.

    Syd- I understand.

    Elizabeth- As do we all, honey. As do we all.


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