Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Day With Owen

This is the beginning of posing, see? I showed him the pictures I was taking as I took them and for a few moments, he was delighted and he gave me this one, his true self, sweet and yet with a bit of what-can-I-get-away with?

He fought so hard to stay awake, stay awake, stay awake until finally he got in his stroller and I rolled him from kitchen to dining room, down hallway, into library, across hallway and into the living room and then back down the hallway to the kitchen and we did that and we did that and we did that and finally, he relaxed into sleep and I gathered him up and put him on the bed, laid down beside him, covered us both up and we slept with two dogs because their favorite thing in the world is to sleep with the humans.

When he woke up, he was as happy as a boy can be. He looked at me like it was the biggest joke in the world to find himself on a bed with his grandmother and we went into the kitchen and I made soup.

He also thought that peanut butter in celery was a joke and he gave it to the dogs.


  1. What a gorgeous boy, such luscious brown eyes. The sleep you describe, Ms Moon, sounds like the best ever.

  2. this is perfect. owen knew it, too. could any sleep be sweeter?

  3. My kids won't touch peanut butter in celery either! What is wrong with them??

  4. I'm with Owen on the peanut butter in celery. yuck

    oh my gosh those big brown eyes...


  5. Elisabeth- It was very fine sleep.

    Angella- Even I woke up in a good mood.

    Jo- I have no idea.

    Michelle- Truthfully, I'd rather have pimento cheese in celery.

  6. But PB in celery is so creamysaltygreenychrunchy!

    I'd go have some right now, but I've just had a filling...

  7. I have learned that peanut butter on just about anything is awesome.

  8. Love. I've pushed my babies in a stroller in the house to get them to sleep too. But I couldn't transfer them to the bed because they would wake up.

  9. Just put some raisins on there and make it ants on a log.

  10. damn. i am laughing our loud to owen jokes!!!


  11. oh. and my word verification had FU in it.
    i thought you would be amused by that ms. moon!!

  12. Peanut butter on celery IS a joke! Right? Especially when it has those ant raisins on it.So, I'm with Owen. He can take me to dinner anytime!

  13. Jo- Well, that's the theory.
    Hope your tooth is all better now so that you can crunch.

    Syd- It is one of the few foods, like sweet potatoes, which can go either sweet or savory.

    Lora- He was REALLY tired.

    DTG- I don't think that would impress him yet.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I think so but then again, I am his grandmother.

    rebecca- He's still working on his timing and delivery.
    And a good FU always delights me.

    Ms. Trouble- Owen has sophisticated tastes.


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