Saturday, January 29, 2011

Random Worship, Random Gifts

You may notice that the pictures I'm posting today are fairly random. So was the one on the post yesterday afternoon. I suppose I am just in a random-picture mode and dammit, Blogger is telling me that I'm almost out of picture-saving space. What the fuck does that mean? I'm supposed to now BUY picture-space? Do any of you know anything about this? Have I exceeded my picture limit? I didn't know there was one. Is there a word limit too because I am no doubt about to exceed that if there is.

I need to talk to Hank about this. Hank knows all. I swear he does. I sort of want a smart phone so that if I'm out somewhere and need to know who that actor was in that movie I can google it and know immediately but why? I can always just call Hank and he'll know. He'll also know about presidents and music and why the sky is blue. Thank god for Hank. He's saved me so much money on smart phones.

Okay. So it's Saturday. It's fucking amazing gorgeous. It is Holy Mother Of God Gorgeous. It is warm. I am going to put on my overalls and go trim things. I love to trim things. This is a gift of mine- this loving to trim things. It's not that I know how to do it. I don't even use the word "prune" except as applies to dried plums (and that sort of prune should always be added to your smoothie to provide sweetness AND fiber- win, win) but give me some snippers (see- I don't even call them pruning shears) and a wheelbarrow and I am a happy woman. The sago palms need trimming and so do a lot of other things and it's been awhile since I've wanted to be outside but today I definitely do.

I am hanging the clothes out today, too. Here are the whites:

AND some of the things I need to trim. Prune. Whatever.

I am sort of waiting for my tummy to settle. Yes. My tummy. I'm not sick. I just ate like an American last night. It was awesome but at four a.m. my stomach reminded me that I may BE an American, but I don't really eat like one. There's just nothing like a belly wake-up call in the middle of the night. The one that tells you in no uncertain terms that there are things in your body that must be eliminated. I did not vomit. Had no desire to vomit. So you know what I'm saying here.

What we ate last night was steak. Oh god. It was so good. Mr. Moon cooked the meat outside on charcoal. Here he is, looking like a Mayan fire god. With a martini.

And beside steak I decided it would be a good idea to make a nice little almond cake thing to eat with strawberries and ice cream. The ice cream was low fat but still....
And did I mention the whipped cream?
Yeah. I asked for it. We almost NEVER eat like this so when we do, it's a big deal. A celebration. A throw-caution-to-the-winds thing. One would think that one could get away with this occasionally but of course, one would be wrong.

The rest of the dinner was very healthy. Asparagus and mushrooms and red peppers and onions and heirloom potatoes all cooked in foil together. No blame there. And it was all so good. To the tongue. Not, apparently though, to the stomach.

So I've eaten a yogurt and am waiting for all systems to cooperate and I'm feeling better by the second so it will be soon. There is no way I am wasting this day inside.

Here's another random picture:

Mr. Moon took that one last night. It's my broom and Owen's broom, nestled up together. I dig it.

We did have a very nice evening although by nine o'clock, Mr. Moon was fast asleep in his chair. He did not have an espresso. And by ten we were in bed. Asleep.

Besides trimming, I have another gift. It is knowing when Mr. Moon and I need to get away.
It is time for Mr. Moon and me to get away. I know this in my blood and my bones. It is time for us to get away from our little piece of paradise here and go somewhere where chickens do not need tending, where beds do not need to be made, where sheets and towels are magically presented, clean and fresh, where meals are served by others and the dishes washed by others, allowing us to just sit around and bask in the glory of our love.

I mean, we do that here but then within a few moments, we must move on to the nonmagical cleaning of things, the cooking of things, the letting-in-and-out-of-the-dogs-things, the replacing of parts in trucks things, the sweeping of things, the setting-of-mouse-trap things, the trimming of things. The things we do love to do but which take our attention and energy away from each other. Sometimes you have to just leave the paradise whether you want to or not in order to be reminded of the love-thing. And this weekend would have been a good time to do that.

But although I know that (my gift told me it was time), all the things kept telling me that no, it really wasn't a good time and so I didn't bring it up and that's okay. But really- it is time.

I have to say though, that it's all right. Last night I fixed the ice dispenser and this morning Mr. Moon made oatmeal. This may not sound like much, but believe me- it is. And if we had gone away, I would not know I could fix an ice dispenser and Mr. Moon would not know he could make oatmeal.

Frankly, that would be fine. I am grasping at straws. Broomstraws.

Marriage. Love. Family. Duty. Devotion. Chicken shit. Dog shit. Other shit.
Deliciousness. Sunshine. Fresh strawberries. Whipped cream. Almond cake. Red meat cooked on fire.
Sago palms. Diesel pick-up trucks. Martinis. Hold me. Look at me. Tell me you love me. Clean sheets, dried on the line, infused with soft air, sunshine. Same with pillow cases.

I think I am exceeding my word-limit. Again.

I don't know how to prune. I do love to trim.

Amen, y'all. Use your gifts wisely. Celebrate and pay the price if need be. Time to hang the colored clothes. This day is too fine to waste.


  1. It's a fine day here, too, and I woke up grumbly, so perhaps I'll go out and trim something.

    Happy weekend --

  2. It's lovely here too. Your whites are SO white! I can just smell that air.
    Your dinner sounds amazing. MR. Curry's favorite thing to eat is a great steak.

  3. Have a lovely day Ms. Moon. It is beautiful everywhere I think, and that is a good thing.

  4. It's gorgeous here too today. All those good things you mentioned.
    My stomach reminds me of these things too early in the a.m. after I indulge.
    But you did not mention coffee. The kind you like is on sale at Publix (buy one get one free) so stock up before you guys get away. Maybe you already have.

  5. Oh Ms. Moon! You, me, same-same as you would say. I love to trim. I love words. And when I eat like an American I expel like you. :-)

  6. Elizabeth- I highly recommend it.

    HoneyLuna- Isn't it, baby? I love you.

    Maggie May- I should be ashamed to admit how much I love chlorine bleach. My dinner was excellent but the results not so much. I have to tell you though- I ate a steak sandwich for my lunch! Ha!

    Jill- The very thought of that makes me happy.

    Michele R- Girlfriend, I have EIGHT bags of that coffee in my cabinet as we speak. AND there is a coupon in one of those little dispenser machines over the coffee which makes them even cheaper! There will be probably at least sixteen bags of coffee in the cabinet before this sale is over. Uh-huh.

    Mwa- The Ecstasy and then the Agony. Actually, it's wasn't agony at all. Just decisive.

  7. pictures in a blogger blog are stored in a pisca album. if you convert the pictures to html i think (not sure) they are not stored there and then you can use more pictures without taking up space on the server. i use both webshots and mobile uploads to put pictures on so i have a little of both.

    happy saturday!


  8. Why am I the only person still living in a gray freezing cold area?! Crappy day out. Kind of crappy day in too, but oh well :)

  9. Oh, I can't wait to use the line to dry our things, it was beautiful here too in the 50's I think which felt so warm.
    You and Mr. Moon enjoy those freshly dried sheets, there is nothing like line dried sheets, nothing in the world.
    And when everything falls into place you will get away and it will be glorious!

  10. Mrs. A- What? What? What?!

    SJ- Yes. You were the only one. I am so sorry.

    Amber- Those sheets were heaven. And it will be glorious when we get away and throw our responsibilities out the window as we travel.

  11. Mama, I'l call you tomorrow and we'l talk about photo options. But your main issue is that all your pics are SO BIG. If you halved them all, you would have twice the space.

  12. I am glad that we get out on the is our little sanctuary. We need to just be together and not have day to day chores to do. I totally get that.

  13. DTG- Why are you so sensible? Where did you get THAT gene? Love you, honey.

    Syd- It's odd but true that even couples who live alone together need to get away. Yes we do!


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