Sunday, January 30, 2011

In Which Fellini and Maeve Binchy Come To Visit

Mr. Moon got up at eight, which is late for him and I mumbled into my pillow that I would get up in a minute and then I fell deeply back asleep and had a dream and boy, do I wish I had just gotten up, yeah, boy, I really do.

This dream hit the Top Ten Playlist of all the weirdnesses in my life, although I have to say that my stepfather did not show up and for that I am more than grateful. I'd be on my way to the closest mental facility right now if he had. That would pushed me right over the edge.

I'm blaming this all on Maeve Binchy. I'm listening to a book of hers on tape right now and I do like it but it's got cheating husbands in it and domestic violence and a woman trying to save her marriage by having another baby and I think my brain just took all of those ingredients and made up the most illogical, bizarre stew you can imagine.

Let's see- Mr. Moon was cheating on me or had almost cheated on me which is almost just as bad and I was crying and smacking him and that was just one of the underlayers of this whole Fellini-esque dream. There was SO much more.

My paternal grandfather, the one who was a lawyer and musician showed up in a very fancy convertible with another man who was also a relative and they were visiting for the day (even though my grandfather is long dead, dead, dead and I have no idea who the other white-haired dude was) and the machine that makes coffee wasn't working and so I was trying to get to the bottom of this possible affair with these old men there and NO coffee and there had to be a dozen other people there, in my kitchen, too. Some of them my children.

No coffee. No food either for some reason. Probably because I was too upset to make any and too busy interrogating my husband and smacking him and oh yes- the baby part.
I had a baby and it was a lobster baby and even in my dream I knew this made no sense but there you are- I had a lobster baby. It was pretty big. And oh yes, I think that Lily and Jessie had become vampires. Not sure but they had become something odd. Zombies?


So I woke up from that dream and got out of bed and stumbled into the kitchen and there was my real husband, sturdy and drinking coffee (coffee!) and I cried and hugged him because the relief was so great that it had only been a dream and I tried to tell him about it and I said, "But I loved that lobster baby. I did."

That's how my Sunday has started out.
How's yours?


  1. You made me laugh out loud in this coffee shop -the other patrons were no amused :) I am sure you did love the hell out of that lobster baby. We wouldn't have expeced anything less :)

  2. Oh my! My morning was nothing like yours. I slept in than got up to have coffee and pancakes...but no bacon. Now that's almost a sin.

    I can't even believe some of the crazy shit our brains come up with. The lobster baby...were you watching the discovery Health channel?

  3. Of course you loved your lobster baby and even your vampire/zombie children. Crazy dreams indead, damn Maeve Binchy. I love you Ms Moon. Happy Sunday and hurray for coffee and the real Mr Moon and you still being here for me when I come out of my fog.

  4. SJ- Believe me- it was not easy to love that lobster baby. Not very cuddly, that one.

    Mel's Way- We had no bacon either but we did have venison sausage. My pancakes this morning were NOT the best ever. Sigh.
    And no, I did not watch the Discovery Health Channel. Are humans having lobster babies on some island somewhere?

    Bethany- I was about to send the police to check on you. I'm glad you are surfacing. I have missed you.

  5. Ew -- I hope you don't have a dream hangover with that one.

    But I'm thinking it's the Maeve Binchy driving your subconscious to madness. Or your brain rebelling --

  6. I've had dreams like that. I will not learn that going back to sleep for that little nap always brings the oddest, most surreal dreams. Although I've never had a lobster baby, I've dreamt my dauughter's giant stuffed lizard tried to eat my son, had him by the head. You know, restful stuff like that. Our brains can be pretty cruel sometimes. Glad you loved your baby, I think the message is no matter how strange life gets, whether cheating husbands, lobster babies or zombie kids, you love them anyway. Your heart is huge!
    Sweet dreams next time!

  7. I was bumped out of bed with a dream of rats and quilts and a car with no brakes and a job I had in 1989.

    On to coffee.

    Good morning!

  8. there must be something in the air. this morning I dreamed that I took a toy from a toddler which turned out to have the ability to turn time off. Then the toddler took it back (it was an epic battle. toddlers fight dirty!) and he used it on me and I felt that not only time had stopped but gravity changed as well and I thought, "This must be what Einstein was talking about."

    Good morning

  9. Elizabeth- When I am yard-working or house-working, I need a book to listen to which doesn't tax my brain overmuch. Or so the theory goes. I may have to change my mind about that theory.

    Mel- I like that idea. And why do our children always come under attack in our dreams? Damn. It's like we're obsessed with our children's safety or something...

    Lisa- I've had that same car-with-no-brakes dream. Did you fly off an overpass? I have done that so many damn times.
    And in my house- the rats and quilts would not be a dream.

    Terena- Shitfire. That's a good one, albeit strange. I had an epic battle with Owen the other day in real life. I found a Hello Kitty watch in the yard and I let him play with it but when he went to put it in his mouth I took it away from him and he fought me bitterly and I was saying things like, "Some child with TB could have owned this watch," but he didn't care. He wanted the watch.
    Turns out it was his. It had fallen out of his mama's car.
    I felt so bad.
    Now feel as if I should go see if that watch can stop time.

  10. I'm sorry. All I can see is Homer Simpson eating his pet lobster and crying/making nyom nyom noises.

  11. oh ms. moon. i have such surreal dreams. The worst are the dreams in which i lose that which matters to me most. it's such a relief to wake up and discover it is just a dream. your subconscious was doing a mighty housecleaning, that's for sure.

    may the rest of your sunday be steady and sweet.

  12. Jo- It would never occur to me to eat my Lobster Baby!

    Angella- Yep. It was like the Grand Sunday Buffet of my own personal neuroses.

  13. When I sleep without dreaming I'm very happy.
    They are never good , so the absence is .

  14. What a dream. What a dream.

    My Sunday was pretty good. Tidied a lot. Slept a bit.

  15. deb c- Sometimes my dreams are so fabulous and intriguing that I actually enjoy them. Sometimes.

    Mwa- Sounds very fine to me.

  16. I don't like those Felliniesque dreams. They leave me unsettled.

  17. Who wouldn't love a lobster baby?

    The Moms like Maeve Binchy too.

  18. Syd- That one has persisted in unsettling me for two days!

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Yeah! Lobster babies are awesome! Those cute little feelers and feet! I'm not sure how much I like Maeve but she'll do to listen to while doing yardwork.


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