Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Late Afternoon

The blackbirds are trilling and thrilling and shilling the latest plot to their latest plays and novels and screenplays and poems to the agents of the sky and the sun is finally out and maybe it's almost seventy and the boy has come and now gone home.

Quick, quick, I straightened up and washed dishes and put toys on shelves and brooms back on hooks and made a cheater's chili (canned this, canned that) and put it in the crockpot and I want so badly to go lay down but I should go over my lines.

You know what? I'm going to go lay down. I will drink coffee and go over my lines when I wake up and the blackbirds will still be singing, the sun may or may not be shining but, but, but...
These bones are tired and so is my mind and that boy and I picked up sticks and he rode in the wheelbarrow and in the stroller too, only down Main Street instead of just in the yard and we bounced the ball and we read the books and we cleaned the poop and we ate apples and almonds and we did so much more and I'm thirsty, I'm tired, I'm going to rehearsal tonight.

Isn't he beautiful?

My god, I think so.


  1. It sounds very beautiful. Your life sounds so rich, such a tapestry of darks and lights.

  2. Looks like O-boy got a haircut!

  3. Beautiful?-- Absolutely! that is the first word that crossed my mind when that precious little picture popped up on my screen. "Beautiful," Honest.

  4. Ho-ly-cow he's a cutie! :) Aw.

  5. He is beautiful.

    Enjoy your nap!

  6. Yes, he is. And I love those cut bangs.

  7. Yes, he is. You had a very full day, hope you enjoyed your nap.

  8. First thing I noticed was those wonderful little bangs he has now! I just giggled. I'm not much of a giggler but babyhaircuts make me giggle! He IS beautiful!

  9. And those cheeks! Aye aye aye

    Naps are good. Had one myself today.


  10. Yes, our boy is absolutely beautiful.
    Sure do love you, Mama.

  11. He is beautiful, and getting so BIG!
    I've been away from the blog land, but now I'm back...hope you missed me!

  12. A new haircut and SO MANY TEETH! He is looking so little boyish now!

    We need a Harley / Owen play date real soon.

    And yes, he is gorgeous and filled with light.

  13. It sounds like a long but fulfilling day. I know how much you love Owen. It is a good thing. Hope that you get some rest. I am tired tonight too.

  14. Yes, he is absolutely, perfectly beautiful and it sound like your day was too. These are days to remember...

  15. Elisabeth- Well, the life of my mind is pretty busy. I'll give you that.

    SJ- Indeed he did!

    Amber Elise- He is my gorgeous boy.

    Nicol- And he's so determined. Everything he does has such purpose.

    Mwa- I enjoyed it. I fell deep and fast and woke up and got on with it.

    Elizabeth- Those bangs make him look completely different somehow.

    Mel- And little did I know, the day was going to continue with one adventure after another.

    Ms. Trouble- I know. And why do our babies have to grow up so fast?

    Michelle- EVERYONE should have a nap every day.
    When I am made queen of the world, I will decree it to be so.

    HoneyLuna- I love you too, my darling girl.

    Rachel- Hello! Welcome back! Are your children in college yet?

    Ms. Fleur- Yep. We should get those boys together.
    Owen worships Harley.

    Syd- I hope your rest was a good one.

    tiffany- I am so grateful to be able to write them down here, these days, so that I will remember.

  16. Gorgeous is the perfect word for him!

  17. that face. ooooh. how does your heart stand it?

  18. Yes. He is beautiful. So is this: "The blackbirds are trilling and thrilling and shilling the latest plot..."

    I should be doing laundry but instead I'm reading your blog... much more fun.


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