Monday, January 17, 2011

Pizza Pie

Last Wednesday we had the no-chemo-pizza party and tonight we are having the Chemo Pizza Party and Kathleen said today, "Aren't you getting tired of making pizza?" and I said, "Good God, no. I love to make pizza."

And Mr. Moon is home tonight so it's just the three of us, Kathleen and me and Mr. Moon and we're about to eat pizza and go to bed because chemo can take it out of you, even if you're not the one sitting there with a line going into a surgically implanted port dripping toxic chemicals into your bloodstream.

I want Kathleen to live forever and whether that happens or not, if she wants pizza, I am so happy to make it for her.

And hell, we all love pizza.

And I do love to make it.

Bread, vegetables, cheese and venison sausage.



  1. It looks great! Glad that Kathleen is okay.

  2. I remember about this time last year we were called with some news that frightened me and the words "If we find a glioma we will probably surgically install a port somewhere in his chest and he'll receive chemo there" My whole body went numb. I couldn't think or see or anything.

    Thank GOD it was only sphenoid wing dysplasia. Wait and see. We are still waiting.

  3. Those pizzas look fantastic!
    And I have been meaning to tell you that every time I look at your blog I am so craving a chicken drumstick!

  4. Oh, my god. My mouth is watering.

  5. Ms.Moon ~ I'll mail it to you as I trust you to return it. I bought it at a thrift store last week and it is ... I can't even say.... a light. Maybe we can pass the book around, write notes to each other in it? I'll email you, although my acct is acting up so it might be in a day or so.

    It's truly remarkable and made me think of so many of us. Different, yet not. Drawn by our call to serve , to be better than if we can , to love and be loved. It touches on faith, feminism, same sex relationships, the lost and broken , the teachers and leaders and learners.

  6. Syd- She is amazing.

    Rebecca- Kathleen's port is her good friend. It saves her many sticks.

    Michele R- I will change that picture soon but for now...

    Elizabeth- I am getting good at the pizza. I swear.

    tiffany- Practically.

    deb- You know I will return it. Thank you for your trust.

  7. It is so difficult for me to read about Kathleen's ups and downs, but is there anything NOT made better by homemade pizza? I doubt it. Love you so.

  8. sleep well tonight. sweet dreams all of you.

  9. i thought about you two in the i.v. center, while i spent eight hours in mine.oh i am so glad kathleen has you beside her. it was a long weary day full of pain and new landmark decisions.
    and yes, it takes it out of you....

  10. yummy..i dont get tired of seeing your delicious pizza....

  11. That is some scrumptious looking pizza! Gorgeous. A good night's rest to you all.

  12. I don't get tired of seeing it either, but I wanna eat it!!! Looks so goooood.

    Best to Kathleen.

  13. I made my mother-in-law eggplant parm that she ate after her first chemo last week. They gave her THREE FUCKING BAGS of the stuff.

    But she loved that parm. God, that helped. I want her around forever, too, but at least I got to feed her.

  14. I have a friend with cancer out west. I'm unable to help her like you help Kathleen (and it's frustrating). In fact I wrote about it not long ago, searching for ideas.

    Thanks for caring about your friend and I get about making endless pizza.

  15. I never tired of your pizza shots!
    Looks delicious.
    Hope you all rested well.

  16. We do all love pizza. And I'm so happy Kathleen has you to make her some and tuck her in just now.


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