Wednesday, January 12, 2011


A day, a day, it's been a day and tonight I couldn't seem to stop leaking tears.
Four women in my house and I made the pizzas and the drinks and we talked about everything. Mothers even.
We did.
And now they're gone and it's cold and even in the house I have a chill and I need to go clean up the dishes and make the dogs go out and go to bed and I swear I am not getting up until I want to; Owen doesn't come until 1:00 in the afternoon and it I want to sleep until ten I swear I will.


Listen- grace comes when you least might expect it.

Grace comes on sweet silent wings.

Grace comes when the bread she is broken.

Grace comes when the street angels sing......

So raise a glass to the sweet silent angels.

Raise a glass to the women who give.

Raise a glass to the heartbroken women.

Raise a glass to the women who live...

In your heart, in your life.

Bless us all.


  1. I raise a glass to you...and hope you sleep peacefully until at least 10:00...dare i say even LATER??? Sweet dreams.

  2. I intend to sleep in a bit too. I am tired this evening. It is in the 20's here. Too damn much for this southern boy. I am a big fan of grace.

  3. I had a friend die tonight. I am learning about grace. Love.

  4. Maybe there's something in the air this week.

  5. I could do with some women and some grace at the moment. Thanks for being one.

  6. Yes. Life is all about finding grace---whatever that word means for you. For me, it means those moments so breathtakingly beautiful that you allow the other stuff to continue in hopes that you find yet more grace.

    And it's found in people, in a flower bud, in a hot bowl of soup. It surprises you.


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