Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Almost Forgot!

Kathleen's platelets are STILL not high enough for chemo. And they had to stick her twice before this decision was made. And we were all ready, cuddled in our little area and hunkered down and planning to raid the Nutter Butters in the coffee nook.

(Okay. We still did that on our way out.)

So what's a girl to to do?
Shop. At the Goodwill.
And have lunch where the proprietor man could not take his EYES off Kathleen. When we were leaving he rushed up and asked if we needed refills of our drinks before we left. He asked this, looking directly at Kathleen and she said, "Some water would be nice," and he took her cup and did not even hesitate to see if I wanted anything before flying off and getting her clean, fresh water and adorning her cup with slices of lemons and limes. Both. And THEN he asked where we were from. And when he said, "You," he meant Kathleen.
It was charming. He was cute too. I mean really cute.

So then (and this is not related at all to the former paragraph but completely random) on the way home we were at a stop light and I said, "Damn. I just this minute remembered my New Year's resolution!"
"What was it?" asked Kathleen.
"To use the word cocksucker more!" I said.

We howled.

I need to get busy. That word isn't going to say itself now, is it?

There. That should help.
Thanks to my imaginary friends from Deadwood.


  1. I would say that video gives you a jump start for sure!! Dave looks over and says "What is that you are watching?" My explanation made him laugh out loud: ).

    May Kathleen's platelets rise, sorry to hear of the delay but sounds like you 2 had good day together.

  2. You are too funny! haha! Hi, Ms. Moon! :) Oh, and I've been meaning to comment on that picture of your grandbaby you have at the top of this bloggy- he's ADORABLE!

  3. Oh dear...I clicked on Newer Post instead of comment on the last post.
    I think you have my email address. Send me your address and I'll send you an ice scraper. I ended up with 4 of them after my divorce. No dictionary, but 4 ice scrapers!
    What was it about the man who flirted with Kathleen that made you think of cocksuckers? You see - if I could make GOOD resolutions like that, I'd make New Years resolutions too!

  4. "Folderol" is great but "cocksucker" rocks it.

  5. Sounds like Kathleen has an admirer... that's always fun... especially if they are cute! Cocksucker has great taste too!


  6. I'm still perfecting my use of "motherfucker" in everyday conversations.

  7. Oh, I laughed until I cried. I have to say that Deadwood is my favorite show of all time. I heard every cocksucker as it was said in every episode. I still miss that show. And I know you'll be jealous, but we visited Deadwood and were hanging out at Saloon # 10while hubby played some poker, and who was hanging out too, doing PR for the show, but W. Earl Brown, who played Dan Doherty, Al Swearengen's right hand man. It was just too cool.
    Anyway, that was one hell of a show, and the cocksucker clip made me seriously laugh until I cried.

    Hope Kathleen's platelet count gets where it needs to be. XO

  8. Best. New Years resolution. Ever.

  9. Swearingen was a trip. When I wear my grey long sleeved t shirt, my wife says that I am wearing my Swearingen's. Hope that Kathleen's platelet count will go back up after the proprietor gave her the eye.

  10. Cackling my way to bed. No, it isn't going to say itself.

  11. Now that's a good cocksucking resolution. I like it! That and motherfucker. Also a good one.

  12. Oh, you make me laugh. Cocksucker. Best word ever.

    My MIL has her first chemo treatment this morning.

  13. And then I found this on youtube. If you haven't met Winnebago Man, prepare to fall in love:


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