Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Hope I Am Not Tempting Fate

You know what? I think our production of Steel Magnolias is going to be amazing.

This is the most wonderful group of women and we are already making each other cry. For real. During rehearsal.

Magic. I can feel it happening.

Not just fake-believe.


I am almost sad, knowing that this might be the most fun I'll ever have onstage.

Maybe not. But I would not be surprised.


  1. YAY! Outside of baby-birthing magic, theatre magic is the BEST magic ever!!!!!!!!

  2. And I thought you couldn't have more fun than the sexy-old-folks play some time back. Goes to show there's always hope.

    Love that you're doing what you love and having such a great time with it.

  3. I'll bet y'all are going to be fabulous. Wish I was nearby so I could come to opening night to cheer you on.

    x0 N2

  4. And I thought you said the same thing -- about fun -- when you did the play about the old folks. Hmmmmm--I so wish that I could see you in the play.

  5. wish i could hop on a plane and come see you on stage


  6. I doubt that, Ms. Moon. You are an enchanting woman. You have the ability to make the dullest subject fun.

  7. flow, baby, flow.

    so happy for you!

  8. Omgrrrl- It is certainly right up there.

    Kathleen Scott- That was great, great fun too and I suppose this one is just different- all women, you know and what women!

    N2- Me too. Wouldn't that be fun?

    Elizabeth- I bet we'd make you cry. And laugh. Oh honey.

    Michelle- What a treat that would be for me.

    Angie M- It's such a fine play. They are rare.

    DTG- Wait 'til you meet Truvy!

    Angella- I am flowing, believe me. With Truvy-juice.

  9. It is such a powerful play. It is wonderful to hear that some one else has been moved by it as well. Have fun, It will be Magic!

  10. You give me hope there's better to come. In the adult friends way.

    I hope this will be everything you hope for and then the next one even better.

  11. So glad you are having such a swell time of it. I love that play. Woman power!


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