Sunday, January 30, 2011

Signs Of Spring

Yesterday when I was in the yard, pulling and trimming back, I saw these things and I have taken pictures of them today.

This camellia is not really a sign of spring since they bloom from late fall through winter. But still, it is a pretty thing.

The tiny fuzzy bud of the Japanese Magnolia:

The velvet sword bud of the Ashe Magnolia:

Hydrangea bud doing its cobra-imitation:

The wild azalea going through its reptile phase:

Native Buckeye (I think. My mind is glitching right now.):

The phlox reborning itself at the base of last year's dead stalks:

A tiny little orchid-like blossom on something we call a weed. Do you know what it is? Tell me.

Birds at the feeder shot through the screen. If I go outside, they scatter. I am NOT a photographer, merely a picture-taker and this is a picture.

Okay. That's all. My dream-mind is clearing but the residual emotions seem to be having their way with me. It is Sunday though, and that is to be expected.

I hope there are some signs of spring where you are. If not, you may borrow mine.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Thanks for this vision of Spring as we get our Blizzard warnings for the week ahead. The buds and flowers are lovely. The purple one is in the mint family, lamium or dead nettle. I looked it up because I needed to know. I have loved it since I was a child, it seems to grow almost anywhere, and reminds me of tiny little orchids.
    Have a great day!

  2. Thank you for all these Spring-signs. We have none in NYC yet, and won't for months. But the sun is shining today, and the piles of snow are drip-drip-melting at the moment. So that's something.

  3. not a goddamn sign of spring anywhere here nowhere not no how. dang I love that red bird.

  4. You are so fortunate to have signs of spring so soon! I look out at snow and can expect more for the next 2 or 3 months.

  5. *sigh*
    I love you, Ms. Moon, and I love your blog. Thank you.

  6. no sign here, so i will borrow your spring, which is full of peace and promise. thank you, dear mary.

  7. Mel- I know I am lucky to live here. Yes. I know it to my bones. Lamium? Dead Nettle? Now I know. Thank you. I knew someone would know the answer.

    Amna- Yep. Melting snow is a sign of warming up, at least.

    Radish King- I could post pictures of red birds all day long. And for you, I would.

    Jeannie- I would die.

    Omgrrrl- I would die again.

    Angie C- Thank-you so much, love.

    Angella- Subtle signs and they could all be nipped at any time but still, for right now...

  8. we are still buried under a ton of snow. the camelia made my heart skip a beat

    that hydrangea bud looks like girl bits to me...


  9. Michelle- We were talking tonight at rehearsal, we women, about Georgia O'Keefe and if all her images were of parts of her own girl bits. Me, a pastor's wife and a hair dresser. We did not come up with an answer but it thrilled my soul to have such a discussion in Monticello, Florida. Yes it did.

  10. my darling ms.moon,
    the forecast for tonight is SNOW.
    spring is laying low in my neck of the woods.
    i see beauty all about you!

    (my father and as far back as the Brooks can remember are from chattanooga.)

  11. These are such wonderful photos Ms. Moon.
    I need these signs of spring from wherever they may be.

  12. Ms you have any idea how much I envy your spring? I have 2-3 months until any possibility of life will start budding...then it will be flooded. They are expecting a lot of that this year.
    Thank you for giving me happy new life to look at.

  13. I have tried really hard, but I don't see a cobra in your hydrangea bud. I see a vagina, though. A vagina having fun. Perhaps that is just me.

    Ah - I see michelle is on the same page. :-)

  14. rebecca- Then we are probably related somehow. My mother and father were from Lookout Mountain. My mother's people were first generation there but I think my father's went back a long way. Millers.

    deb- They are cheering in a very subtle way.

    Mel's Way- I keep saying this- how do you people stand it?

    Mwa- You guys don't see the hooded cobra? Huh. Well, I can see the happy vagina too.

  15. Just catching up with your weekend here and it sounds like you had a nice ramble -- in the house, in the yard, with your man, tidying up around town, ruminating in the mind...These are the good ol' times. Thanks for sharing them with us. Keeses. N2

  16. I used to pick those little purple wild flowers for my mother when I was a kid. They are really pretty. No overt signs of spring here yet.

  17. N2- You are right. These are the best days of my whole damn life. Wow. But it's true.

    Syd- Aw...I love that. Spring shall start sticking its tongue out in your area soon. I bet.


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